[16:56:21] MattRichardson changed the topic to Make: Live starts tonight at 9pm ET / 6pm PT. The topic is science fair projects.

[19:20:39] NikitaMosko: hello

[20:16:05] MattRichardson changed the topic to Make: Live starts tonight at 9pm ET / 6pm PT. Please sign into Ustream to participate in the chat!

[20:27:46] MattRichardson: If you want to participate in the chat, please sign into Ustream!

[20:28:03] hjohnson_1: Thanks Matt!

[20:28:34] MattRichardson: You also need to be signed into Ustream to be eligible for the giveaway.

[20:28:50] NOSNIXSTER: giveaway? O.o

[20:29:05] MattRichardson: Yup!

[20:29:10] MattRichardson: It's a good one!

[20:29:23] hjohnson_1: Magnifying camera, correct?

[20:29:26] MattRichardson: I wish I could win one of these, but I'm not eligible!

[20:29:30] NOSNIXSTER: then im glad i decided to check this out

[20:30:31] baldeagle072: hi

[20:32:30] MattRichardson: hjohnson: yep!

[20:33:41] hjohnson_1: Sweet. Though I'm also not eligble (self-made restriction if nothing else), since I won the weller iron last time. Thank you again, by the way, though I'm a bit annoyed digikey has a 2 month lead time

[20:39:07] llmandrakell: Evening, nerds.

[20:40:42] xuanlove: hi!!!

[20:41:05] xuanlove: this will be my first make:live show XD

[20:41:19] xuanlove: :)

[20:41:51] hjohnson_1: Nice, welcome!

[20:42:30] MattRichardson: Awesome, xuanlove! Welcome!

[20:42:49] makezine: Welcome to Make: Live! Tonight we'll be talking about science fair projects. The show starts at 9pm ET / 6pm PT

[20:43:13] hectorstark: this is my first live show too :P

[20:43:46] hjohnson_1: And again, welcome! The chat room really heats up when the show starts.

[20:44:08] hectorstark: thank you :D

[20:44:15] xuanlove: my sister's ging to be on in a few minutes

[20:44:24] xuanlove: her name is tuyet bunny

[20:44:57] ChrisGammell: hey y'all

[20:45:04] xuanlove: hayy

[20:45:12] xuanlove: brb

[20:45:18] hjohnson_1: Hey chris, love the latest Amp Hour

[20:45:26] ChrisGammell: thanks!

[20:46:47] CCOTTER247: Hey everyone

[20:47:05] ChrisGammell: welcome back...

[20:47:08] ChrisGammell: ...

[20:47:14] ChrisGammell: sorry

[20:47:27] CCOTTER247: I am pyshed for the show.

[20:48:04] ChrisGammell: so anyone have any clue about "Science Fair Projects?" Are they going to create them or showcase them or what?

[20:48:25] hjohnson_1: I think they are going to showcase them.

[20:49:07] CCOTTER247: Idk the pics show them with goggles on they might demo them.

[20:49:46] hjohnson_1: If you look down the page on makezine.com/live, you can see the various projects, it seems they will be showing those.

[20:49:50] NikitaMosko: i am new

[20:50:06] NikitaMosko: i love make

[20:50:25] CCOTTER247: Cool NikitaMosko we are glad to have you.

[20:50:28] NOSNIXSTER: im back, and i too, am watching live for the 1st time

[20:50:48] CCOTTER247: I am watching it live for the first time as well.

[20:51:08] EvilGenius121: Hello, testing

[20:51:08] makezine: Tag your tweets #makelive

[20:51:20] NOSNIXSTER: i would if i tweeted

[20:51:24] EvilGenius121: :)

[20:51:25] mitpatterson: test

[20:51:25] CCOTTER247: me too

[20:51:36] CCOTTER247: ;)

[20:51:51] hjohnson_1: Hey, mitpatterson, you're on!

[20:52:11] mitpatterson: yep

[20:52:17] CCOTTER247: Is anyone else here into Makerbot Industries or 3d printing

[20:52:22] NOSNIXSTER: hey, everyone in chat, youre all on

[20:52:28] CCOTTER247: or the reprap project

[20:52:31] YnotDigital: Arduino!!!

[20:52:44] xuanlove: hi

[20:52:48] MickStrong: Test

[20:52:55] xuanlove: lalalala

[20:52:55] NOSNIXSTER: test noted

[20:53:02] EvilGenius121: I would like to do 3d printing, but just dont have the money for it :(

[20:53:14] xuanlove: :c

[20:53:26] hectorstark: how much cost a 3d printer?

[20:53:28] TBJmoovies: love this show

[20:53:29] xuanlove: 7 minutes

[20:53:39] EvilGenius121: some $1000 for a MakerBot

[20:53:46] xuanlove: lalalallalallaalaallallaalallalala

[20:53:48] ardustorm: hello

[20:53:51] EvilGenius121: plus plastic expesnses

[20:53:53] llmandrakell: Where's Collins music?

[20:54:06] MickStrong: Build your own over 3D printer over time. Get a part each payday. That works for me most of the time.

[20:54:06] EvilGenius121: yes, lallaalala

[20:54:07] xuanlove: HELLOOOO!!!!!

[20:54:15] makezine: Welcome to Make: Live! The show will be starting in just a few minutes. If you have any questions for Becky, Matt or our guests, type "Q:" before your question so that we can be sure to see it!

[20:54:42] TBJmoovies: 6 minuts remaining

[20:54:43] hjohnson_1: That's a Q then a :

[20:54:44] Seamus_TT: Q: Test

[20:54:47] ardustorm: by the way that is a Q and a colon ":"

[20:54:52] EvilGenius121: Q do we have to use the fancy Q?

[20:54:56] YnotDigital: first timer!!!

[20:54:59] EvilGenius121: Q: *test*

[20:55:00] CCOTTER247: Q: test

[20:55:06] NOSNIXSTER: i tweeted makelive just to see my tweet in the live tweet thingy over there >>

[20:55:14] NOSNIXSTER: :p

[20:55:14] EvilGenius121: lol :)

[20:55:16] NikitaMosko: Q:

[20:55:18] TBJmoovies: 5 min

[20:55:20] NikitaMosko: H:

[20:55:23] NikitaMosko: W"

[20:55:24] NikitaMosko: S

[20:55:24] NikitaMosko: AD

[20:55:26] YnotDigital: Q

[20:55:26] Miles_S: can't wait for this show!!

[20:55:27] TBJmoovies: :)

[20:55:34] YnotDigital: "q"

[20:55:38] YnotDigital: "Q"

[20:55:43] hjohnson_1: I brought SCIENCE!

[20:55:45] EvilGenius121: My first time, would have loved to go to the others though..

[20:55:45] TBJmoovies: q hi

[20:55:48] NikitaMosko: hi

[20:55:49] TBJmoovies: Q hu

[20:55:53] YnotDigital: q/

[20:55:58] EvilGenius121: :\

[20:55:59] YnotDigital: q?

[20:56:03] TBJmoovies: how does that work?

[20:56:06] NOSNIXSTER: Q: test

[20:56:08] mitpatterson: wow, this if fun to watch all the people trying to do Q:

[20:56:08] Miles_S: my fist time to

[20:56:13] EvilGenius121: Q : (Q colon)

[20:56:20] TBJmoovies: Q:

[20:56:23] TBJmoovies: cool...

[20:56:23] YnotDigital: g

[20:56:27] YnotDigital: G

[20:56:27] NOSNIXSTER: its "q :" with no space

[20:56:27] TBJmoovies: 4 min

[20:56:29] garethb2: Four minutes people.

[20:56:32] lilmaker: wooooo

[20:56:32] garethb2: Places.

[20:56:37] YnotDigital: qq

[20:56:37] baldeagle072: Q:

[20:56:42] TBJmoovies: A:

[20:56:44] YnotDigital: QQQ

[20:56:47] TBJmoovies: darn that dont work

[20:56:50] Miles_S: just watch and learn

[20:56:51] Seamus_TT: (science project) I seem to have vastly underestimated the common pole bean. The sprouts are outrunning the camera carriage. By a lot.

[20:56:53] MickStrong: "Q"

[20:56:54] NikitaMosko: who is in californa

[20:56:58] lilmaker: *Q*

[20:57:00] YnotDigital: Q:

[20:57:00] TBJmoovies: im in oregon

[20:57:00] lilmaker: Q

[20:57:02] lilmaker: QQ

[20:57:03] lilmaker: QQQ

[20:57:04] TBJmoovies: 3 min

[20:57:13] lilmaker: 3 min!!!! YAYAY

[20:57:16] YnotDigital: wow, i got it....Q:

[20:57:23] EvilGenius121: ticktockticktock... :)

[20:57:23] BShocked: q:

[20:57:24] NikitaMosko: horray for all costs

[20:57:26] xuanlove: FIRST TIMERS SAY i !!!

[20:57:27] robologist: q:

[20:57:29] xuanlove: i

[20:57:29] NOSNIXSTER: i

[20:57:31] robologist: i

[20:57:31] YnotDigital: i

[20:57:31] EvilGenius121: I!

[20:57:32] hightekrednek2396: i

[20:57:33] tuyetbunny: i

[20:57:33] NOSNIXSTER: q:

[20:57:37] mitpatterson: u

[20:57:40] MickStrong: Q

[20:57:43] lilmaker: _Q_

[20:57:45] xuanlove: awesome :P

[20:57:46] garethb2: Collin on the wheels o' steel

[20:57:50] DigitalArcanist: Super excited!

[20:57:54] EvilGenius121: is collin here?

[20:57:57] tuyetbunny: (\_____/)

[20:58:01] lizard657: 2 min

[20:58:03] xuanlove: wooow

[20:58:08] KYcap222: q:

[20:58:16] Seamus_TT: Music!

[20:58:17] garethb2: Fetching giant mug of coffee

[20:58:23] TBJmoovies: cool music

[20:58:26] EvilGenius121: Music?

[20:58:27] lilmaker: pepsi

[20:58:33] lilmaker: and good techno

[20:58:35] EvilGenius121: dang it my sounds not working

[20:58:37] TheIrishGeek: Good Evening All!

[20:58:39] NOSNIXSTER: w00t on air

[20:58:56] NikitaMosko: 2 min

[20:58:59] TBJmoovies: 1 min

[20:59:04] EvilGenius121: oh there :)

[20:59:04] NOSNIXSTER: woah, viewers is jumping fast

[20:59:10] luissaiz: let's go

[20:59:12] TBJmoovies: duh

[20:59:18] garethb2: Music by Collin Cunnigham

[20:59:26] CCOTTER247: I know it's crazy

[20:59:28] YnotDigital: give away

[20:59:30] EvilGenius121: lol i had 2 windows open. it sounded really cool :)

[20:59:32] claybratt: ಠ_ಠ

[20:59:42] TBJmoovies: love this show :)

[20:59:42] xuanlove: woow it started 2 mins early... sortaa

[20:59:45] nerdyjb: The Hack Factory has Make: Live up on the big screen!

[20:59:51] EvilGenius121: only 115 viewers.. :(

[21:00:00] adafruit: hi hi!

[21:00:01] garethb2: Yay Hack Fact!

[21:00:07] EvilGenius121: hey hey!

[21:00:08] TBJmoovies: now!!!

[21:00:16] CCOTTER247: Collin does the best Music!!!!!

[21:00:18] garethb2: PT is that you?

[21:00:18] tuyetbunny: hihihi

[21:00:23] hjohnson_1: Hey! Is adabot Mr. Torrone, Ms. Fried, or both?

[21:00:24] CCOTTER247: Tech on!!!!!!!!!

[21:00:27] Seamus_TT: LadyAda!

[21:00:31] bigbodynobrain-1: ?me thinks the music is annoying

[21:00:33] NikitaMosko: EvilGenius121 are you the one with the labs

[21:00:39] garethb2: They've been borged

[21:00:39] ardustorm: hey ada

[21:00:40] EvilGenius121: ?

[21:00:41] East_Coast_Girl: ???

[21:00:43] mitpatterson: is it adabot in disguise again?

[21:00:46] ragingdane: who needs makerbots when you can just superglue layers of cardboard together and create any object you want.

[21:00:52] garethb2: The Adafruit collective

[21:00:53] ragingdane: BAM! just saved you 1k

[21:00:55] tuyetbunny: woooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

[21:00:58] EvilGenius121: high5

[21:01:02] NikitaMosko: never missed a live

[21:01:03] adafruit: we are legion

[21:01:06] lilmaker: adafruit FTW

[21:01:08] garethb2: LOL

[21:01:09] xuanlove: wow really

[21:01:10] benbond: I want a maker bot

[21:01:12] tuyetbunny: yaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

[21:01:13] YnotDigital: uno!!!

[21:01:13] NOSNIXSTER: live

[21:01:13] EvilGenius121: woot!

[21:01:14] chrismmay: haha

[21:01:14] East_Coast_Girl: hi!! :D

[21:01:15] CCOTTER247: Come on start already!

[21:01:16] lizard657: yaaaaaaaaaa

[21:01:17] johngineer: hi adafruit

[21:01:17] benbond: Hey

[21:01:18] sciencemomof5-1: Hi!

[21:01:19] NegativeK: Whoo!

[21:01:21] CCOTTER247: Yay!

[21:01:21] EvilGenius121: hey Becky aand matt!

[21:01:22] adafruit: yay, sean!

[21:01:29] EvilGenius121: g2g

[21:01:31] garethb2: Sean rulz

[21:01:35] edFerrari: woo hoo!

[21:01:38] Digihack: Mmm Arduino

[21:01:41] okaragio: i

[21:01:47] ragingdane: thank digikey

[21:01:48] tuyetbunny: hihihihi

[21:01:50] NOSNIXSTER: 3rd w00t

[21:01:51] xuanlove: :)

[21:01:56] okaragio: i

[21:02:03] NOSNIXSTER: HD? this dont look like HD

[21:02:07] adafruit: we love becky and matt!

[21:02:11] tuyetbunny: ooooooooooooooooooooo.O

[21:02:27] CollinCunningham: i won the invention convention :)

[21:02:30] KYcap222: i like that kind

[21:02:32] bigbodynobrain-1: i kinda like adafruits web show better more knowlage

[21:02:38] YnotDigital: who's house is that?

[21:02:40] KYcap222: no experements

[21:02:44] garethb2: What you make, Collin?

[21:02:44] hjohnson_1: Why am I not surprised, Mr. Cunningham?

[21:02:46] xuanlove: lolxd

[21:02:48] NegativeK: Pippy Longstocking inventions!

[21:02:49] tuyetbunny: oh yea thats what i did

[21:02:49] avgjanecrafter: Chindogu!

[21:02:51] lilmaker: my invention convention was lame

[21:02:54] lilmaker: :(

[21:02:57] Webman110-1: helo

[21:02:58] tuyetbunny: :P

[21:02:59] lilmaker: q:

[21:03:00] garethb2: Exactly, Rachel

[21:03:01] xuanlove: what was it

[21:03:02] xuanlove: ?

[21:03:02] johngineer: i was disqualified from the invention convention

[21:03:02] Webman110-1: yes the that works

[21:03:07] xuanlove: oh my

[21:03:08] CollinCunningham: self extinguishing candle

[21:03:10] mitpatterson: wasn't that last week?

[21:03:18] garethb2: Nice

[21:03:19] adafruit: yay, 1.0 is solid!

[21:03:23] ChrisGammell: yesh

[21:03:24] miles_S-1: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

[21:03:26] tuyetbunny: ooooooooooooooo.O

[21:03:33] makezine: http://www.openhardwaresummit.org/

[21:03:33] YnotDigital: dog the bounty hunter is on!

[21:03:34] EvilGenius121: oh hey Collin

[21:03:36] EvilGenius121: :)

[21:03:37] tuyetbunny: Wooooooooooooo.O

[21:03:43] hjohnson_1: Wait, you made the self extinguishing candle? Was that the one with the clip at the bottom to extinguish it when the wick burns too low?

[21:03:45] CollinCunningham: hallos

[21:03:46] mitpatterson: chrisgammell, nice seeing you again in here, lol

[21:03:50] adafruit: there are a lot of great logos!

[21:03:58] ChrisGammell: yup, can't keep me away

[21:03:59] makezine: http://www.openhardwaresummit.org/oshw-logo-v1-0/

[21:03:59] CCOTTER247: Hey Collin big fan right here!!!

[21:04:01] Seamus_TT: D!

[21:04:03] NOSNIXSTER: A

[21:04:05] KYcap222: A

[21:04:05] BShocked: C

[21:04:05] NOSNIXSTER: D

[21:04:08] tuyetbunny: a

[21:04:09] EvilGenius121: ABCD

[21:04:09] lilmaker: yay hey adafruit got a few things from you for christmas it rocked!

[21:04:10] NOSNIXSTER: E

[21:04:10] garethb2: B!

[21:04:11] hightekrednek2396: d

[21:04:11] NegativeK: likes C.

[21:04:11] sciencemomof5-1: D

[21:04:12] tuyetbunny: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

[21:04:12] EvilGenius121: C

[21:04:12] okaragio: C

[21:04:13] adafruit: D is looking nice

[21:04:13] claybratt: A OR B

[21:04:13] NOSNIXSTER: E

[21:04:14] NOSNIXSTER: E

[21:04:14] tuyetbunny: aaa

[21:04:14] YnotDigital: z

[21:04:15] tuyetbunny: aaa

[21:04:15] tuyetbunny: a

[21:04:15] NOSNIXSTER: E

[21:04:16] EvilGenius121: oops D

[21:04:17] mitpatterson: i think B

[21:04:17] NOSNIXSTER: Z

[21:04:17] NikitaMosko: c or d

[21:04:17] lizard657: c

[21:04:17] Shneagle: A

[21:04:18] YnotDigital: q

[21:04:19] NegativeK: A looks like Darth Vader's TIE fighter. ;)

[21:04:19] lilmaker: D

[21:04:19] Digihack: A: looks like a tie-fighter

[21:04:19] mitpatterson: B

[21:04:19] Shneagle: A

[21:04:20] BShocked: The icon should be open for sure, C

[21:04:20] Shneagle: A

[21:04:20] DigitalArcanist: c


[21:04:21] teedeeus: c

[21:04:23] xuanlove: who is garanteed to come back next time!

[21:04:23] neilbilodeau: c

[21:04:24] eth3real: D

[21:04:24] ardustorm: All of the above

[21:04:24] robologist: B

[21:04:24] sciencemomof5-1: D for sure

[21:04:24] NOSNIXSTER: D

[21:04:24] benbond: C

[21:04:24] East_Coast_Girl: C

[21:04:25] smray: b

[21:04:25] garethb2: Yup

[21:04:25] KYcap222: a

[21:04:25] Webman110-1: d

[21:04:25] lizard657: c

[21:04:25] NOSNIXSTER: D

[21:04:25] Brookelynn23: b

[21:04:26] hightekrednek2396: d

[21:04:26] NOSNIXSTER: D

[21:04:27] hightekrednek2396: d

[21:04:27] NOSNIXSTER: d

[21:04:27] hightekrednek2396: d

[21:04:28] tronixstuff: c

[21:04:28] nbritsky: C

[21:04:28] bigbodynobrain-1: d

[21:04:28] benbond: Can I make one

[21:04:30] edFerrari: C

[21:04:30] NikitaMosko: b or d

[21:04:31] YnotDigital: qqqqq

[21:04:32] ragingdane: Tie Fighter FTW!!!

[21:04:32] YnotDigital: q

[21:04:33] lizard657: c or a

[21:04:34] MickStrong: A

[21:04:35] randomkid88: I agree with C

[21:04:35] lilmaker: A is totally the tie fighter but i like D

[21:04:35] YnotDigital: q:

[21:04:36] welkin42: I like C...but the Star Wars geek in me wants to vote A

[21:04:36] Webman110-1: d

[21:04:36] ragingdane: AAAAA

[21:04:36] Webman110-1: d

[21:04:37] Webman110-1: dd

[21:04:38] robk636: aorb

[21:04:38] CCOTTER247: D

[21:04:39] CCOTTER247: D

[21:04:39] lilmaker: Q:

[21:04:40] CCOTTER247: dD

[21:04:41] lilmaker: Q:

[21:04:46] East_Coast_Girl: Q: ??

[21:04:48] eth3real: We need a Maker Faire in FL!

[21:04:51] makezine: http://makerfaire.com/bayarea/2011/callformakers/

[21:04:56] jab06y: yeah we do

[21:04:59] YnotDigital: Miami

[21:05:01] bigbodynobrain-1: we need a makeir fare DC

[21:05:02] mryan923: C

[21:05:02] xuanlove: no in rhode island

[21:05:04] eth3real: Jacksonville :)

[21:05:04] jab06y: south fl or north...im shooting north

[21:05:06] NegativeK: I'll drive eight hours for a Florida Maker Faire.

[21:05:10] KYcap222: Cinci

[21:05:10] YnotDigital: Kendall

[21:05:10] jab06y: o my god you have to be kidding

[21:05:16] hjohnson_1: Xuanlove, you in RI?

[21:05:19] East_Coast_Girl: becky's gonna ingite hydrogen?!?!?!? O.O

[21:05:19] garethb2: Awesome book!

[21:05:20] adafruit: this is a great book!

[21:05:20] xuanlove: yea

[21:05:20] johngineer: there is a mini maker faire in rhode island

[21:05:21] nbritsky: awesome book

[21:05:22] Janickci: C

[21:05:22] BShocked: 555 timer contest is almost over also

[21:05:23] jab06y: i live in jax too

[21:05:23] Webman110-1: helo

[21:05:27] NOSNIXSTER: i was kicked :c

[21:05:30] garethb2: Best chemistry book in ages!

[21:05:33] robologist: Maker Faire Austin?

[21:05:33] EvilGenius121: So when do you show us how to blow stuff up? (hint hint) jk :)

[21:05:36] eth3real: www.hacksonville.com

[21:05:39] YnotDigital: theme works

[21:05:41] ragingdane: Q: Am I doing it right?

[21:05:44] robologist: Maker Faire Dallas?

[21:05:45] mryan923: I want a makerfaire near me so I don't have to drive

[21:05:47] lilmaker: yay sean

[21:05:48] benbond: Q: can I submit a logo?

[21:05:49] avgjanecrafter: SEAN FTW!

[21:05:50] Janickci: ?; what is maker fair

[21:05:54] connors934: a or c

[21:06:02] NOSNIXSTER: skype FTW

[21:06:07] adafruit: yay! sean! we are PRESIDENT of the SEAN fan club

[21:06:13] makezine: If you have questions for Sean type Q and then a colon

[21:06:13] mitpatterson: Q: when will tickets for the different makerfairs go up(detriot) for example?

[21:06:18] ChrisGammell: classically trained to rock your frickin socks off

[21:06:21] johngineer: cats are mandatory

[21:06:22] makermakerman: i love make woo

[21:06:28] lilmaker: Q: can we have more cat footage?

[21:06:28] YnotDigital: detroit is hood!

[21:06:30] nbritsky: woohoo. Go Detroit Maker Faire

[21:06:31] ardustorm: Stole that from adafruit :)


[21:06:40] EvilGenius121: wait did I hear flammable? Sweet!

[21:06:45] adafruit: cats are not stolen, only shared

[21:06:46] mitpatterson: i like fire

[21:06:46] jab06y: thanks eth3real! ill check that out when the shows over

[21:06:47] NOSNIXSTER: burn!!!!!!

[21:06:48] NegativeK: That book is in the local Barnes & Noble.. I'm not sure I'll be able to resist it anymore.

[21:06:51] lilmaker: indeed

[21:06:53] makermakerman: robots ftw

[21:06:55] lizard657: BOOOM! YAAAAY!!

[21:07:06] sciencemomof5-1: :-)

[21:07:08] YnotDigital: melt the battery

[21:07:14] johngineer: wow. this was my science fair experiment -- electrolysis

[21:07:15] eth3real: There's not a lot on there right now, it's my site. Posting a new project soon, but you can send me a message or something :) [email protected]

[21:07:16] makermakerman: collin you still here

[21:07:17] East_Coast_Girl: expects to see beck later with no brows :P

[21:07:21] bigbodynobrain-1: use Lye :)

[21:07:24] NOSNIXSTER: i am sooo doing this later

[21:07:25] East_Coast_Girl: becky*

[21:07:35] zymurgy_cat: redox reactions FTW.

[21:07:51] makermakerman: fire

[21:07:51] Janickci: cool

[21:07:54] mitpatterson: video lagging or freezing for anyone else(just wondering)

[21:07:56] EvilGenius121: explosion?

[21:07:56] jab06y: will do, im a law student so i dont have a ton of time but finding another hacker is all too rare

[21:07:58] bigbodynobrain-1: LYE use it now

[21:08:00] makezine: Get our "Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments" book free when you spend $40 or more at the Maker Shed store. Just add $40 of products to your cart, add the book to your cart, and enter coup

[21:08:04] owenrox: yes

[21:08:04] YnotDigital: no lag here

[21:08:09] EvilGenius121: no lag here, im on wifi too

[21:08:11] owenrox: yes

[21:08:15] NOSNIXSTER: w00t flammable gas!

[21:08:15] randomkid88: Cathodes are positive

[21:08:16] YnotDigital: wifi

[21:08:18] lilmaker: wifi no lag

[21:08:21] Janickci: yes

[21:08:22] makermakerman: any maker faires near georgia

[21:08:23] NikitaMosko: are the tubes completely filled

[21:08:32] KYcap222: im on WIFI no lag

[21:08:34] Janickci: any maker fairs near chicago

[21:08:38] YnotDigital: contact your cable provider

[21:08:46] makezine: CHANGE makezine Get~-~our~-~"Illustrated~-~Guide~-~to~-~Home~-~Chemistry~-~Experiments"~-~book~-~free~-~when~-~you~-~spend~-~$40~-~or~-~more~-~at~-~the~-~Maker~-~Shed~-~store.~-~Just~-~add~-~$40~-~of~-~products~-~to~-~your~-~cart,~-~add~-~the~-~book~-~to~-~your~-~cart,~-~and~-~enter~-~coup Get~-~our~-~"Illustrated~-~Guide~-~to~-~Home~-~Chemistry~-~Experiments"~-~book~-~free~-~when~-~you~-~spend~-~$40~-~or~-~more~-~at~-~the~-~Maker~-~Shed~

[21:08:58] adafruit: lab coat is key here

[21:09:00] makermakerman: @ janikci detroit maker faire

[21:09:11] Janickci: ?;

[21:09:13] snowycat: hi

[21:09:16] YnotDigital: boom

[21:09:23] East_Coast_Girl: makezine: O.O

[21:09:25] Janickci: thanz

[21:09:29] Janickci: thanx

[21:09:39] EvilGenius121: for all who still want to know, when asking a question, please head it with Q : (Q colon)

[21:09:43] SHNEAGLE: Yeaa

[21:09:45] Webman110-1: test

[21:09:47] snowycat: cool

[21:10:03] EvilGenius121: Pretty lights

[21:10:06] sciencemomof5-1: Q: test

[21:10:06] ragingdane: Q: Can this be done for a blood drop?

[21:10:18] garethb2: You can see this project on Make: Projects http://makeprojects.com/Project/Laser-Projection-Microscope/413/1

[21:10:22] lizard657: q:

[21:10:24] Shneagle: Cooooool

[21:10:28] Janickci: q; what is its limits

[21:10:34] NOSNIXSTER: ragingdane, nice idea

[21:10:36] xuanlove: Q: how can you do it with legos?

[21:10:43] luissaiz: q:

[21:10:48] lizard657: :q does the laser have to be green?

[21:10:48] snowycat: Q: how long did it take to make that??

[21:10:55] Janickci: Q;test

[21:11:07] EvilGenius121: i didnt need to hear that.

[21:11:10] garethb2: Nerdy rave light show

[21:11:12] makermakerman: @lizard657 no

[21:11:22] Janickci: how do you ask a question

[21:11:26] hjohnson_1: Q then :

[21:11:28] lilmaker: Q :

[21:11:29] East_Coast_Girl: oooooohhhhhhhhhh

[21:11:30] NOSNIXSTER: Q :

[21:11:32] NOSNIXSTER: Q:

[21:11:33] Janickci: Q: test

[21:11:34] YnotDigital: how can i do this with my arduino?

[21:11:35] jab06y: worked better with the lights on

[21:11:36] NikitaMosko: nope

[21:11:41] adafruit: we see god

[21:11:42] NikitaMosko: Q"

[21:11:43] lizard657: @makermakerman thx

[21:11:44] Janickci: thank you

[21:11:50] hjohnson_1: I see the matrix

[21:11:50] NikitaMosko: Q:Q:Q:Q:Q:Q:

[21:11:50] makezine: yup. Learn how to build your own laser projection microscope on Make: Projects: http://makeprojects.com/Project/Laser-Projection-Microscope/413/1

[21:11:51] jab06y: q: turn the light back on

[21:11:52] hightekrednek2396: q:

[21:11:52] East_Coast_Girl: it's the omega molecule!!!!! O.O LOL

[21:11:53] makermakerman: de nada

[21:11:53] sciencemomof5-1: Q: about what would be the cost to make one of these?

[21:11:58] bigbodynobrain-1: i just steal from the fish tank in my bio class

[21:12:11] YnotDigital: trippy!

[21:12:17] owenrox: Q: What is dust

[21:12:18] YnotDigital: woooooo

[21:12:18] MultiJohn12321: go becky

[21:12:50] makermakerman: @owenrox dead skin cells

[21:12:55] YnotDigital: digi-key winner here!

[21:12:57] NOSNIXSTER: too much $

[21:13:04] owenrox: ty

[21:13:04] benbond: Q: what is the needle thing

[21:13:12] NOSNIXSTER: a needle thing

[21:13:12] YnotDigital: she is a doctor

[21:13:13] hjohnson_1: Just don't point it at planes! A guy in my neighborhood got picked up by the FBI for doing that.

[21:13:14] CollinCunningham: Q: can you use a red laser?

[21:13:17] sciencemomof5-1: thanks :-)

[21:13:29] benbond: lol @NOSNIXSTER:

[21:13:30] garethb2: The needle is a syringe

[21:13:33] johngineer: you'd have to know the diameter of the water droplet to calculate the focal length.

[21:13:34] mryan923: Ebay

[21:13:35] KYcap222: Q: dose the lase have to be green?

[21:13:44] YnotDigital: craigslist

[21:13:46] makermakerman: @collincunnigham yes

[21:13:52] johngineer: if you know the focal length, you can calculate the magnification.

[21:13:53] MultiJohn12321: hi

[21:13:59] MultiJohn12321: hi

[21:14:01] ragingdane: Q: Ever shine it through a droplet of blood?

[21:14:02] owenrox: Q; do you have to use different colours

[21:14:03] YnotDigital: wut up

[21:14:04] EvilGenius121: I have a red laser, too bad it wont send through the computer

[21:14:22] MultiJohn12321: nuthin

[21:14:42] garethb2: Here's the paper: http://teravolt.org/Laser_Microscope.htm

[21:14:47] mryan923: Colin just thinking the same

[21:15:00] Mooseral: doot doot

[21:15:02] ragingdane: thanks :)

[21:15:08] connors934-1: eeew

[21:15:09] EvilGenius121: ....

[21:15:12] Janickci: .

[21:15:15] hjohnson_1: TMI, Ms. Stern, TMI.

[21:15:24] EvilGenius121: yes, TMI

[21:15:29] snowycat: cool

[21:15:33] EEVblog: Hi guys

[21:15:34] luissaiz: q: what about using saliva?

[21:15:38] owenrox: Q: can you use a a spyder arctic III

[21:15:39] claybratt: admit it you all want a sample of her saliva

[21:15:40] jab06y: cetrifuge (sp) the blood

[21:15:52] makermakerman: mom making me go to bed ugh im 12

[21:16:06] MultiJohn12321: im 10

[21:16:07] owenrox: lol nice

[21:16:08] Webman110-1: what are the charicters that i do for a qestion

[21:16:13] owenrox: 15

[21:16:13] ardustorm: im 14

[21:16:14] hjohnson_1: Q then :

[21:16:17] hightekrednek2396: q :

[21:16:17] EvilGenius121: :\ sorry, you can watch the recording later though!

[21:16:21] Digihack: if you change the position of the device on the table, will it help focus it?

[21:16:27] MultiJohn12321: go make mag

[21:16:29] Webman110-1: what did i miss

[21:16:30] garethb2: Sean used a 10 mL syringe with blunt needle.

[21:16:32] Mooseral: we have some very ancient people in them chats

[21:16:34] Webman110-1: test

[21:16:41] Webman110-1: anybody

[21:16:43] Webman110-1: a

[21:16:45] ragingdane: I'm so going to find out if my water filter is working by doing this

[21:16:45] connors934-1: any teens entering the google science fair?

[21:16:49] Webman110-1: f

[21:16:51] MultiJohn12321: no

[21:16:56] EvilGenius121: hey webman

[21:17:01] MultiJohn12321: yep

[21:17:02] NOSNIXSTER: Q: no

[21:17:04] makezine: Why Are Fewer Students In Science Fairs? http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2011/02/why-are-fewer-students-in-science-fairs.html

[21:17:05] NikitaMosko: what google science fair

[21:17:07] ardustorm: no, but was thinking about it

[21:17:09] Brad8099: How much fun can this be?

[21:17:10] randomkid88: Q: Can changing the distance from the wall focus it?

[21:17:13] Janickci: Q: how much does it cost altogeather

[21:17:13] Webman110-1: does it have to be so powerfull

[21:17:13] uscjeremy: what's the chat room photo challenge?

[21:17:14] KYcap222: me whant one

[21:17:24] MultiJohn12321: how many mwatts laser

[21:17:25] randomkid88: @Janickci he said about 75

[21:17:30] Mooseral: randomkid: I'd think so

[21:17:30] NOSNIXSTER: Janickci, about $75 he said

[21:17:31] Janickci: oh

[21:17:38] lishdorset: Hello, AvgJaneCrafter

[21:17:39] KYcap222: Q: is that stone that its on

[21:17:40] Mooseral: distance focusing mostly depends on the lens focal length

[21:17:41] NikitaMosko: google science fair?

[21:17:46] bigbodynobrain-1: i was going to be than i learned my school had a better one that i had a great chance of wining

[21:17:46] Mooseral: so it would be focused by distance from the wall

[21:17:51] avgjanecrafter: Hello Lish! :)

[21:17:58] Mooseral: since the lens is fixed focal length

[21:18:02] Shneagle: Would you ever make a kit for this ?

[21:18:05] connors934-1: google science fair http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2011/01/google-science-fair.html

[21:18:07] EvilGenius121: its the giveaway- if you @uscjeremy tell what the photo is of, you win something (in this case, a USB microscope)

[21:18:09] lishdorset: Helllooooo from Miiiiichhiiiiigaaaaan

[21:18:17] Mooseral: you don't really need a kit for a syringe and a laser,

[21:18:20] randomkid88: @Moose I was thinking so too but I guess its a tradeoff between size and focus

[21:18:21] avgjanecrafter: Mitten in the house!

[21:18:21] Mooseral: I'd think

[21:18:22] garethb2: Hey Lish!

[21:18:23] KYcap222: Q: can you use wood

[21:18:25] EvilGenius121: oops misedit


[21:18:29] mitpatterson: firedepartment is on the way

[21:18:29] xuanlove: Q: would it help with the focus when you move further and closer to the wall?

[21:18:30] uscjeremy: ohh, neat, when do we get to see the photo?

[21:18:30] Janickci: fire?

[21:18:31] codecreations: lol perfect timing

[21:18:31] lishdorset: Woot to you, Gareth!

[21:18:31] Mooseral: randomkid: yeah, essentially

[21:18:31] Brad8099: Is that simple to make?

[21:18:32] jab06y: randomkid, if its anything like a projector the size will depend on the distance from the wall but the distance between the sample and the laser should focus the picture

[21:18:32] CollinCunningham: ha - i hear it too

[21:18:34] MultiJohn12321: firrreee

[21:18:37] EvilGenius121: I called it in just in case (jk)


[21:18:39] lilmaker: ahhhhhhh!!!! FIRE!!!!

[21:18:41] hjohnson_1: I know, absolutely perfect timing.

[21:18:47] MultiJohn12321: firrrreeee

[21:18:50] claybratt: i thought that was at my place :P

[21:18:55] Mooseral: randomkid: the magnification (size at which the image may be focused) depends on the lens

[21:18:58] MickStrong: Should have went with the car battery.

[21:18:58] wister28: .

[21:18:58] xuanlove: lol

[21:19:15] nbritsky: we used a bench top power supply to do this at i3

[21:19:16] Brad8099: Fire!

[21:19:20] EvilGenius121: Q: Shouldnt you take the battery out of the water

[21:19:20] adafruit: safety third

[21:19:30] KYcap222: nice

[21:19:32] johngineer: third is still too high on the list

[21:19:35] hjohnson_1: Q: Any worries about dropping the cell straight into the water? (rupture, acid mixing into water, etc?)

[21:19:37] KYcap222: 5?

[21:19:40] uscjeremy: hey limor, congrats on being voted so powerful :-)

[21:19:41] connors934-1: soap bubbles and hydrogen?

[21:19:43] NOSNIXSTER: Q: would this work with a car battery? :p

[21:19:43] Mooseral: the cell is sealed, I'd think

[21:19:44] johngineer: funding first

[21:19:44] KYcap222: boom

[21:19:50] Brad8099: Should we try that?

[21:19:52] owenrox: lagging

[21:20:00] mitpatterson: @adafruit did pt type that? as he cut his finger or what ever back in christmas

[21:20:02] adafruit: it's MAKE, poke an eye out :)

[21:20:03] lishdorset: In the 1990 Harlan Science Fair, I think my project was measuring milk mold. To say I lost was an understatement

[21:20:06] mitpatterson: err over*

[21:20:18] NOSNIXSTER: buurrrrrrnnnn

[21:20:18] hightekrednek2396: void the warrenty

[21:20:23] jab06y: and gametime!

[21:20:25] lilmaker: burn baby burn

[21:20:25] MultiJohn12321: firrreeee

[21:20:26] EvilGenius121: FIRE!

[21:20:32] MultiJohn12321: nooooooo

[21:20:32] EvilGenius121: call back the fire truck

[21:20:35] Janickci: fire

[21:20:36] Mooseral: what is this fire of which we speak

[21:20:36] claybratt: haha

[21:20:40] snowycat: careful

[21:20:42] MultiJohn12321: lol

[21:20:44] avgjanecrafter: Chemistry is rad!

[21:20:46] EvilGenius121: its invisible :)

[21:20:47] lilmaker: go sean!

[21:20:48] MultiJohn12321: lolol

[21:20:49] luissaiz: the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire

[21:20:51] codecreations: lol mooseral

[21:20:53] CollinCunningham: ready!

[21:20:54] KYcap222: yesss

[21:20:54] NOSNIXSTER: ready

[21:20:54] MultiJohn12321: no

[21:20:54] bigbodynobrain-1: sure

[21:20:55] sciencemomof5-1: ready!

[21:20:55] hightekrednek2396: yep

[21:20:55] benbond: ready

[21:20:55] jab06y: VERY READY

[21:20:55] EvilGenius121: ready

[21:20:55] snowycat: ready

[21:20:56] Shneagle: Yeeeaaa

[21:20:56] BShocked: Ready!

[21:20:57] hectorstark: REady!!

[21:20:57] lilmaker: READY

[21:20:57] Janickci: yes

[21:20:57] avgjanecrafter: READY. FIRE FIRE FIRE!

[21:20:57] ardustorm: ready!

[21:20:57] lizard657: yup

[21:20:58] ragingdane: Q: READY!!

[21:20:58] Golux: ready

[21:20:59] EvilGenius121: slow mo

[21:20:59] MickStrong: ready

[21:21:00] KYcap222: gooooo

[21:21:01] MultiJohn12321: nooooo

[21:21:01] owenrox: Q:Can you help with lag


[21:21:02] zymurgy_cat: light it!!!!

[21:21:04] Mooseral: ohhh, the hydrogen

[21:21:05] uscjeremy: reminds me of 9th grade, my teacher ignited a quart of hydrogen gas

[21:21:07] neilbilodeau: Boom

[21:21:07] KYcap222: booom

[21:21:07] uscjeremy: that was a big bang

[21:21:09] Janickci: fire at will

[21:21:10] lilmaker: Oo0o0o0o0o0o0o

[21:21:11] Mooseral: that's not a big fire

[21:21:12] lishdorset: @AvgJaneCrafter Do you like space?!

[21:21:12] hectorstark: woooo

[21:21:16] mitpatterson: i was going to say, oxegen it self doesn't burn, it is an ecellert(sp)

[21:21:17] NOSNIXSTER: po

[21:21:18] snowycat: cool

[21:21:18] MultiJohn12321: wtf

[21:21:18] ragingdane: NEEAAAT

[21:21:19] sciencemomof5-1: cool

[21:21:19] NOSNIXSTER: pop

[21:21:19] CollinCunningham: *pop*

[21:21:19] luissaiz: BOOM

[21:21:20] lilmaker: oooooh


[21:21:20] edFerrari: yes!

[21:21:22] Janickci: pop

[21:21:22] lilmaker: nice!

[21:21:24] Golux: pop

[21:21:27] WebMan110-1: awesome

[21:21:28] lilmaker: boom? no boom?

[21:21:30] Mooseral: set a block of magnesium on fire, THEN I'll yell fire :D

[21:21:30] luissaiz: KBOOM...!

[21:21:33] lishdorset: Best Make Live commentary yet!

[21:21:35] lilmaker: YAY

[21:21:41] Brad8099: Yay

[21:21:43] snowycat: awwwwwwww

[21:21:44] ragingdane: coooooool

[21:21:44] lilmaker: SHUCKS!!!

[21:21:44] randomkid88: If you put the match out, but still smoldering it should re-light

[21:21:45] benbond: AHHHHH

[21:21:45] nbritsky: fizzle

[21:21:48] lilmaker: YAY

[21:21:48] mitpatterson: did becky get burnt a bit?

[21:21:49] Mooseral: also eugh auto emoticons

[21:21:49] EvilGenius121: *claps*

[21:21:49] ragingdane: it worked

[21:21:50] neilbilodeau: lol

[21:21:51] adafruit: SCIENCE

[21:21:52] lilmaker: that was COOL

[21:21:52] garethb2: I think Sean's drinking

[21:21:53] WebMan110-1: ya awesome me whont to do that

[21:21:54] hectorstark: nice

[21:21:54] Janickci: cool

[21:21:57] Mooseral: indeed

[21:21:58] uscjeremy: IT WORKS

[21:21:58] snowycat: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

[21:21:58] ardustorm: yeah

[21:21:59] Mooseral: science ftw

[21:22:01] lilmaker: i love me some science.

[21:22:02] Golux: where is fire?

[21:22:04] robk636: squirt gun based off this http://sci-toys.com/scitoys/scitoys/echem/echem.html

[21:22:06] johngineer: I have been blinded by science.

[21:22:06] NOSNIXSTER: ima do that with a car battery and milk gallons

[21:22:08] hectorstark: some magic tricks for my friends

[21:22:13] uscjeremy: That book is awesome - my wife bought it for me for my birthday

[21:22:17] mitpatterson: Q: how long is that code good for?

[21:22:17] garethb2: Exciting

[21:22:20] makezine: Get our "Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments" book free when you spend $40 or more and enter coupon code MAKELIVE. http://www.makershed.com/

[21:22:21] hjohnson_1: Oof, johngineer. Just... oof.

[21:22:24] hightekrednek2396: 2 weeks

[21:22:25] MultiJohn12321: yay

[21:22:25] NOSNIXSTER: can i win

[21:22:25] llmandrakell: A cool way to do it is put it in soapy water, it fills up bubbles with hydrogen and oxygen. Light the bubbles and BOOM.

[21:22:25] lilmaker: im so showing this to my science teacher

[21:22:34] makezine: code is good for two weeks

[21:22:38] mitpatterson: thanks

[21:22:40] Mooseral: methanol + grass in a water cooler bottle + time + ignition source = win

[21:22:41] Janickci: cool

[21:22:41] ontheroad52: c

[21:22:41] avgjanecrafter: Go Bex!

[21:22:46] lishdorset: Slick transition, Bex

[21:22:46] uscjeremy: WANT

[21:22:47] Digihack: ooh nice

[21:22:48] lilmaker: YAY

[21:22:49] WebMan110-1: cool


[21:22:49] CollinCunningham: niiice!

[21:22:49] sciencemomof5-1: cool

[21:22:50] Janickci: nice

[21:22:50] bigbodynobrain-1: want

[21:22:51] NegativeK: It's so tiny!

[21:22:51] lilmaker: do want

[21:22:53] ras082: Yay!

[21:22:53] NikitaMosko: cool

[21:22:54] EvilGenius121: ooh.

[21:22:54] hectorstark: I want it D:

[21:22:54] KYcap222: i need it

[21:22:54] mitpatterson: you should ahve asked digikey for 2 of them

[21:22:55] lilmaker: MINE

[21:22:55] sciencemomof5-1: I want one!

[21:22:56] EvilGenius121: pretty

[21:22:57] lilmaker: :D

[21:22:58] TBJmoovies: i havent seen the first 20 minuts of this

[21:22:59] snowycat: i want it

[21:22:59] lilmaker: :(

[21:23:00] ragingdane: Neato!

[21:23:02] adafruit: this is a good cam

[21:23:04] lilmaker: :'(


[21:23:06] hjohnson_1: Adafruit: this the one you have? Or do you have another one?

[21:23:09] Golux: would book be good for 20 year chem major?

[21:23:09] chrismmay: mememe

[21:23:11] codecreations: anything that has LEDs is cool.

[21:23:12] Janickci: Q: does it work well?

[21:23:12] lilmaker: YAY SMD projects!

[21:23:13] garethb2: Yes

[21:23:14] Mooseral: in soviet russia, microscope wants you

[21:23:16] chrismmay: lol

[21:23:17] ragingdane: Show us!

[21:23:20] NOSNIXSTER: Q: can i win it?!

[21:23:21] EvilGenius121: i vote you should sow it

[21:23:21] ragingdane: turn the cam around

[21:23:23] mitpatterson: Q: can you put up some pics of your set up soon

[21:23:23] lilmaker: Q: how do we win it?

[21:23:23] uscjeremy: VELCRO

[21:23:24] sciencemomof5-1: carpet

[21:23:24] llmandrakell: velcro

[21:23:24] zcshiner: velcro

[21:23:24] NikitaMosko: i am russian

[21:23:25] randomkid88: Velcro

[21:23:25] benbond: rug

[21:23:25] codecreations: velcro

[21:23:25] bigbodynobrain-1: velcro

[21:23:25] Shneagle: fiber

[21:23:26] djfemmina: hook and loop

[21:23:26] MultiJohn12321: hair

[21:23:26] jab06y: velcro

[21:23:26] ontheroad52: velcro

[21:23:26] ardustorm: hair

[21:23:26] MickStrong: velcrow

[21:23:27] Janickci: velcro

[21:23:27] Seamus_TT: Velcro

[21:23:27] lizard657: velcro

[21:23:27] xuanlove: rug

[21:23:27] EvilGenius121: hair

[21:23:28] mitpatterson: velco

[21:23:28] hightekrednek2396: hook and loop

[21:23:29] Narwhal: velcro

[21:23:29] hectorstark: hair

[21:23:29] robologist: velcro

[21:23:29] garethb2: From Digi-Key!

[21:23:29] KYcap222: velcoro

[21:23:29] eth3real: VELCRO

[21:23:30] claybratt: velcro

[21:23:30] avgjanecrafter: We need a Behind the Scenes Make: Live!

[21:23:30] NOSNIXSTER: celcro

[21:23:30] zcshiner: velcro

[21:23:30] TBJmoovies: velcro

[21:23:31] snowycat: capet

[21:23:31] NikitaMosko: bahair

[21:23:31] ardustorm: velcro

[21:23:31] hectorstark: HAIR

[21:23:31] Shneagle: rug fiber

[21:23:31] Grathio: Bonus points for showing how not to burn the sutio down (I have the other part covered.)

[21:23:32] WebMan110-1: caprert

[21:23:32] hightekrednek2396: welcro

[21:23:33] MultiJohn12321: hair

[21:23:34] ras082: Q: Velcro

[21:23:35] nbritsky: velcro

[21:23:35] uscjeremy: YEAH!!!!

[21:23:35] okaragio: velcro

[21:23:37] adafruit: wow

[21:23:38] Brad8099: Please pick me

[21:23:39] connors934-1: USB microscope would be good for classroom use with lcd display

[21:23:39] ragingdane: oh what now?


[21:23:40] robologist: congrats

[21:23:41] owenrox: hair

[21:23:41] lilmaker: LUCKY

[21:23:42] sciencemomof5-1: congrats

[21:23:42] snowycat: :c

[21:23:43] uscjeremy: Thanks guys!

[21:23:43] hjohnson_1: Very, very quick.

[21:23:44] WebMan110-1: niceee

[21:23:44] owenrox: hair

[21:23:45] NikitaMosko: i am russian

[21:23:45] CollinCunningham: cookies!

[21:23:46] Janickci: awww

[21:23:46] MrAlb-1: One side of a velcro strip

[21:23:51] Grathio: Congrats!

[21:23:51] NegativeK: Good job!

[21:24:09] Disconnected

[21:24:31] Topic is Make: Live starts tonight at 9pm ET / 6pm PT. Please sign into Ustream to participate in the chat!

[21:24:31] Set by MattRichardson on February 23, 2011 8:16:05 PM EST

[21:24:32] mitpatterson: this show really needs to be longer

[21:24:34] lilmaker: <3 yay i love science projects!!!

[21:24:35] Shneagle: :)

[21:24:35] Brad8099: Dang

[21:24:36] NegativeK: Mmmm, science.

[21:24:37] garethb2: Thanks to Digi-Key for the giveaway and for sponsoring our show.

[21:24:40] adafruit: great show becky and matt!

[21:24:40] lilmaker: oooooh

[21:24:41] Shneagle: :0

[21:24:41] sciencemomof5-1: this was so much fun. Thank you!

[21:24:44] mitpatterson: agreed, thanks digikey

[21:24:46] chrismmay: yay digikey

[21:24:46] Janickci: this was an awesome episode

[21:24:48] EvilGenius121: SPRINKLES!

[21:24:48] mitpatterson: and thanks becky and matt

[21:24:49] hightekrednek2396: q: whats the age for hackerspaces

[21:24:50] MultiJohn12321: :(

[21:24:50] codecreations: digikey rocks, too.

[21:24:51] snowycat: :O

[21:24:52] Mooseral: lasers ftw

[21:24:52] lilmaker: good show!

[21:24:55] avgjanecrafter: Agreed! Make:Live always goes by too quickly. Great job!

[21:25:03] mryan923: The show should be longer

[21:25:03] snowycat: :O gasp

[21:25:06] NOSNIXSTER: phuck skool

[21:25:07] lishdorset: @EvilGenius121 Sprinkles FTW

[21:25:07] lilmaker: Q: HaCkErSpAcE?...

[21:25:09] MultiJohn12321: (^_^)

[21:25:09] lizard657: *claps*

[21:25:10] Shneagle: :p

[21:25:15] MultiJohn12321: :p

[21:25:17] bigbodynobrain-1: i love science

[21:25:17] lilmaker: hey ima student i like science

[21:25:19] xuanlove: Q: what is your favorite science subject?

[21:25:24] Janickci: SCIENCE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

[21:25:24] MultiJohn12321: :(

[21:25:26] xuanlove: mee too

[21:25:29] hjohnson_1: Q: While science fairs are dropping, things like First Lego League are on a huge upward spike in attendence. Thoughts?

[21:25:29] connors934-1: doing science is fun, reading about science, maybe not...

[21:25:31] johngineer: kids don't think science is boring. but school administrators think kids are idiots.

[21:25:31] snowycat: awwww

[21:25:32] lishdorset: ENCORE!!!!!!!!

[21:25:34] Shneagle: Keeeep Going

[21:25:34] ardustorm: science is fun

[21:25:35] NegativeK: Feedback: Good show! Thank you!

[21:25:36] Brad8099: Don't stop the show!

[21:25:36] roadran422: na+cl=na+cl2 balance the equation?

[21:25:37] EvilGenius121: Q: Can oyu show your setup?

[21:25:37] WebMan110-1: more giveaway

[21:25:37] Grathio: Another great show guys! Thanks!

[21:25:40] codecreations: zOMG I'm being recorded!

[21:25:41] nbritsky: Play it again

[21:25:41] Shneagle: Go for an hour

[21:25:42] lishdorset: ENCORE!!!!!!!!

[21:25:46] adafruit: COLLIN!

[21:25:46] NOSNIXSTER: Q: wait is that the whole show?

[21:25:46] WebMan110-1: more giveways

[21:25:46] CollinCunningham: i will?

[21:25:47] lishdorset: ENCORE!!!!

[21:25:48] avgjanecrafter: Yay Collin!

[21:25:48] chrismmay: yay colin

[21:25:49] mitpatterson: Q: can we get pics of the set up put up later?

[21:25:50] CollinCunningham: ;)

[21:25:54] KYcap222: Q: where can i find a haker space?

[21:25:54] MultiJohn12321: COLLLLLLLLIN

[21:25:55] benbond: Q: where u going?

[21:25:55] Janickci: Q:like french horns im a horn player

[21:25:55] robologist: thanx

[21:25:55] mryan923: I wish there was a hackerspace near me , I can't start one since I'm a kid

[21:25:58] lishdorset: Go, Colin!

[21:25:58] hightekrednek2396: Q: hackerspace age

[21:25:59] ardustorm: what about Q:

[21:26:00] NOSNIXSTER: wow that was short

[21:26:00] YnotDigital: something went wrong, i answered the question but it did not go through because u guys blocked me

[21:26:01] connors934-1: awesome show!

[21:26:01] sciencemomof5-1: bye!

[21:26:02] EvilGenius121: Sweet!

[21:26:03] luissaiz: BYE

[21:26:04] Janickci: Bye

[21:26:05] Seamus_TT: Thanks for a great show, folks!


[21:26:06] CollinCunningham: awessssomes!!

[21:26:06] East_Coast_Girl: bye bye :)

[21:26:07] Digihack: Q: Anyone know which USB microscope that was that they gave away?

[21:26:08] roadran422: na+cl=na+c2 balance it

[21:26:09] Brookelynn23: so inspiring!!

[21:26:17] lishdorset: Hey, Brookelynn!

[21:26:18] Janickci: CLAP

[21:26:18] EvilGenius121: Q: Can you show your setup next episode

[21:26:22] Janickci: Clap

[21:26:24] lilmaker: YESSSSSSS

[21:26:25] garethb2: Show Notes!

[21:26:26] xuanlove: woohoo!!!

[21:26:27] welkin42: I was sad that they didn't play this at the showing I saw at World Maker Faire last year. 80(

[21:26:29] CollinCunningham: best theme evaaaaarr

[21:26:31] xuanlove: *applause*

[21:26:33] YnotDigital: after effects!

[21:26:34] lilmaker: THIS + lightning = FTW

[21:26:36] NOSNIXSTER: awesome

[21:26:37] uscjeremy: Thanks guys, good show!

[21:26:37] ardustorm: Thanks

[21:26:37] randomkid88: Yay Tesla Coils!

[21:26:38] codecreations: gonna do that H2O thing tomorrow.

[21:26:40] MultiJohn12321: hi make mag

[21:26:42] Grathio: Must see these guys live. Seeing them on video doesn't compare.

[21:26:43] codecreations: great show!

[21:26:45] hjohnson_1: Oh no, the BBC already found you!

[21:26:46] Shneagle: Collin Tune

[21:26:47] EvilGenius121: Nice music Collin, really like it

[21:26:47] YnotDigital: velcro!

[21:26:47] CollinCunningham: great show indeed

[21:26:48] snowycat: woooooooooooooooot

[21:26:49] Golux: which mf was this at - i go to Bay Area

[21:26:51] johngineer: arcattack is great when witnessed live.

[21:26:51] lilmaker: totally doing some experiments now

[21:26:57] MultiJohn12321: hiiiii

[21:26:58] Shneagle: Music

[21:26:59] mryan923: Saw them at makerfaire nyc

[21:27:00] lishdorset: Awesome show. More Make Live, More Sprinkles

[21:27:02] Janickci: losing many viewers

[21:27:02] johngineer: k. i'm out. later everybody!

[21:27:03] hightekrednek2396: Q: hackerspace age

[21:27:07] Janickci: peace

[21:27:13] YnotDigital: velcro

[21:27:14] snowycat: seea

[21:27:18] KYcap222: enyone know were i can find a hacker space in my area

[21:27:19] snowycat: seeya

[21:27:20] CollinCunningham: see y'all on the next Make:Live!

[21:27:23] uscjeremy: KYcap, what's your area?

[21:27:27] garethb2: Get them in-studio!

[21:27:27] Janickci: what hacker space

[21:27:29] codecreations: I made that laser thing with a red laser and a paperclip to hold the water. worked well. I thought I saw it like that in makezine.

[21:27:29] KYcap222: lexington KY

[21:27:30] YnotDigital: miami

[21:27:31] MattRichardson: Thanks for coming!

[21:27:32] EvilGenius121: Q: @CollinCunningham Where can I get a copy of this song?

[21:27:37] Mooseral: previously: lasers ftw; now: lightning ftw

[21:27:38] mryan923: Yeah go to hackerspace.org

[21:27:42] MultiJohn12321: hiii

[21:27:43] hectorstark: Nice Show

[21:27:45] garethb2: Great job Matt and Becky!!

[21:27:45] KYcap222: ok thxs

[21:27:46] connors934-1: create a viewing event at your fave hacherspace!

[21:27:48] garethb2: And Sean!

[21:27:56] edFerrari: Can't wait for the next show!

[21:28:00] YnotDigital: arduino

[21:28:01] MultiJohn12321: same

[21:28:05] CollinCunningham: hmmm … working on that, letyaknow

[21:28:12] EvilGenius121: yep, arduino. and SPRINKLES!

[21:28:12] MultiJohn12321: yay

[21:28:13] luissaiz: Sweet dreams from Colombia.

[21:28:20] KYcap222: biy

[21:28:21] MultiJohn12321: new york

[21:28:26] YnotDigital: LED

[21:28:32] lunchboxes: bye matt and becky! thanks for the great show!

[21:28:36] mitpatterson: darn you make, now i still have homework, grr, i was hopine the show did it for me(jk)

[21:28:37] bekathwia: Bye Laura~

[21:28:41] EvilGenius121: k

[21:28:43] lunchboxes: : )

[21:28:44] connors934-1: somerville ma, @thesprouts

[21:28:47] MultiJohn12321: by

[21:28:53] Golux: by

[21:28:58] EvilGenius121: Bye all. dont forget Sprinkles!

[21:29:06] bekathwia: Thanks for tuning in, everybody!

[21:29:10] hectorstark: Greetings from Mexico!

[21:29:13] lishdorset: SPRINKLES!!!!

[21:29:17] YnotDigital: q:what is sprinkles

[21:29:19] garethb2: Goodnite, Becky

[21:29:26] EvilGenius121: i have no idea

[21:29:27] KCoRmAn: i missed it what hapend

[21:29:28] connors934-1: 'night great show Matt, Becky, Sean et al

[21:29:30] bekathwia: G'night Gareth!

[21:29:34] bekathwia: 'n Chris

[21:29:37] MattRichardson: Thanks Chris!~

[21:29:42] YnotDigital: sprinkles

[21:29:57] EvilGenius121: Will you guys show or post a photo or 2 on your setup? :)

[21:30:27] YnotDigital: arduino setup?

[21:30:41] garethb2: @KCoRmAn: We'll do it all again in two weeks

[21:32:04] garethb2: And we post all of our shows as videos

[21:32:04] bekathwia: @Evil I just took one from the back of the set, will post up

[21:32:04] EvilGenius121: what is your arduino setup anyway?

[21:32:04] bekathwia: we used no arduinos for this show

[21:32:04] YnotDigital: http://www.youtube.com/user/YnotDigital

[21:32:04] EvilGenius121: thx :) :)

[21:32:04] mitpatterson: @bekathwia(sp) twitter posting it/

[21:32:04] YnotDigital: working on an 8x31 rta

[21:32:04] EvilGenius121: Oh, i was talking to YnotDigital

[21:32:04] EvilGenius121: :)

[21:32:21] garethb2: See past shows and more info: http://makezine.com/live/

[21:32:27] YnotDigital: it's for my dj set

[21:33:02] EvilGenius121: Sweet :)

[21:33:11] EvilGenius121: G2g, G'night everyone!

[21:33:30] YnotDigital: thanks

[21:33:45] YnotDigital: fritzing!

[21:35:08] MattRichardson: Goodnight, thanks for coming, EvilGenius!

[21:35:26] YnotDigital: where can i get help with someone programming

[21:35:55] bekathwia: Photo from on-set: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bekathwia/5472856382/

[21:35:55] hjohnson_1: What language do you need help with, Ynotdigital?

[21:36:06] YnotDigital: arduino uno, 8x31 rta, LED

[21:36:24] mitpatterson: ohhh, nice, lots of comptuers becky

[21:36:41] mitpatterson: @ynot, he means like C, C++, C#, jave, ect.

[21:37:05] YnotDigital: no clue, new at this

[21:38:07] hjohnson_1: If you're using an arduino, you should look at the Arduino references and intro guides.

[21:40:21] YnotDigital: are there people out there that will put the programming together for $ because i do not have the time to learn what each line does and how to write it up

[21:43:14] YnotDigital: sorry, i was logged off

[21:43:29] YnotDigital: did someone reply

[21:43:56] moonlilly: test...

[21:45:05] thejazzman32: when does this thing start EST

[21:45:20] YnotDigital: in 4 minutes

[21:45:26] hjohnson_1: Moonlilly, test sucessful. Thejazzman32: 9PM EST.

[21:45:28] YnotDigital: q:

[21:45:56] hjohnson_1: It finished 15 minutes ago.

[21:46:09] thejazzman32: so that makes it 1:50 here in australia

[21:46:16] YnotDigital: http://www.youtube.com/user/YnotDigital

[21:47:56] thejazzman32: bumma

[21:51:15] bekathwia: The show will be archived at makezine.com/live, should be live by tomorrow AM