nonnie85:  yeah...all you need to make it on USTREAM is a Q and :
nonnie85:  together
ustreamer-79184:  f
MultiJohn12321:  hi
ustreamer-13511:  testing anonymous chatting!
MultiJohn12321:  lol
 Ustream-Bot sets channel limit to 1499
nonnie85:  show starts in 37 minutes
MultiJohn12321:  yyeeaahh
nonnie85:  lol
nicksosinski:  who came up with the Q: Symbol?
MultiJohn12321:  who knows :I
nicksosinski:  not me
MultiJohn12321:  same
nicksosinski:  LOL:
MultiJohn12321:  :)
nicksosinski:  :(
nicksosinski:  A:
 nothin speacal for that
makezine:  @nicksosinski It's a Ustream thing
 ustreamer-81894 has quit (Client exited)
MultiJohn12321:  GO MAKEZINE!!!!!
Dosbomber:  Show starts in about 25 minutes, correct?
 Nevermind.. just saw the schedule image
MultiJohn12321:  23 min left
garethb2:  Hello everyone
Dosbomber:  Hello Gareth
garethb2:  How are you tonight?
Dosbomber:  Not bad
cibomahto:  hi gareth!!
Dosbomber:  Just watched a terrible movie though
garethb2:  Hey Matt!
garethb2:  Which one?
Dosbomber:  Skyline
makezine:  Mets
 oh haha
seanragan:  Ahoy all.
garethb2:  Hey Sean
cibomahto:  Hi sean!
seanragan:  Gareth!
garethb2:  What's the haps?
MultiJohn12321:  :)
seanragan:  Worky work.  Just got out of the garage.
garethb2:  Big downpour here. Hope I don't lose power
seanragan:  Getting hot in Texas.
garethb2:  What are you working on, Sean?
ustreamer-20518:  hey
cibomahto:  Chilling at sternlab, avoiding the hailstorm
ustreamer-20518:  WOW
seanragan:  Top secret.  Next project.
garethb2:  Any cool projects coming up?
Dosbomber:  It was in the 70s and 80s all week, this morning it was snowing.
ustreamer-20518:  NIKITA ARE YOU HERE
ustreamer-56328:  there was a hailstorm at CMU
garethb2:  Wow
seanragan:  Oh yes.  Got a couple good ones on deck.
ustreamer-69227:  hi
garethb2:  BIG ligtning here!
seanragan:  They're never as simple in the workshop as they are on paper, though.
ustreamer-56328:  haha
ustreamer-20518:  IM YOUR 1 FANNNN
garethb2:  Haha. Truer words.
Dosbomber:  Supposed to snow the rest of the week... where's Al Gore with his global warming?  :P
seanragan:  He's here in my living room, actually.  Won't leave.
ustreamer-56328:  whats that quote "in theory, theres no difference between practice and theory, but in practice there is..." 
ustreamer-56328:  I think that applies to going from paper to shop
garethb2:  Nice
JamesFloydKelly:  Hello, everyone
seanragan:  Getting better at anticipating the little details that might go wrong.
seanragan:  But there are so many.
garethb2:  Is anynbody else working on anything else interesting?
johngineer:  robot
ustreamer-56328:  haha
garethb2:  Hey Jim!
ustreamer-39806:  hello
JamesFloydKelly:  finishing up the DIY 3D printer for my new book "Build Your Own 3D Printer"
garethb2:  John: Working on a robot? Do tell
Dosbomber:  Finishing up a project here, hopefully tonight.  Final casing in a Serpac enclosure.
JamesFloydKelly:  Hi, Gareth!
garethb2:  Nice, Jim.
ustreamer-33222:  hi, guys! 
ustreamer-39806:  you bought the maker bot i love it
Dosbomber:  Then starting one of 3 more I have in the wings.
johngineer:  well, at the moment it's just an object evasion robot, but I like it because it's made out of metal.
garethb2:  Definitely send us a copy of the book as soon as possible and we can do something on the site about it.
ustreamer-67103:  hey all
JamesFloydKelly:  Will do... we should be demo'ing the machine at MFaire and have copies for viewing and sale... I hope
garethb2:  John: What does it use for object detection/avoidance?
johngineer:  maxbotix sonar
ustreamer-39806:  i love these even though they are on school nights
garethb2:  I'm not familiar with Maxbotix
 What MCU?
JamesFloydKelly:  not heard of it either
johngineer:  Arduino
seanragan:  We can't do them on the weekends, I'm afraid, because we're all too blind drunk to function.
ustreamer-56328:  MCU = microcontroller unit
garethb2:  Sean: Ahahaha
ustreamer-39806:  you sean  ooh well
JamesFloydKelly:  Gareth, have you read "Making Things Move" yet?  Great book...
garethb2:  Yes. We're doing excerpts from it on the site. It IS good.
adafruit:  hi
garethb2:  Dustyn is awesome.
johngineer:  hi adafruit
ustreamer-74346:  hi
hjohnson_1:  hey all, hey johngineer, hey adafruit!
JamesFloydKelly:  I've convinced a few teachers to buy copies for their school libraries
nonnie85:  about 10 minutes before showtime
garethb2:  Hey Ada, hey Fruit.
adafruit:  this looks like a great show tonight!
ustreamer-56328:  you guys should all follow the carnegie mellon university robotics club on twitter!
ustreamer-90762:  cant wait
garethb2:  I'll add it to the MAKE follows
makezine:  Welcome to Make: Live! Tonight we'll be talking about science fair projects. The show starts at 9pm ET / 6pm PT. 
garethb2:  Wait, that's OLD boiler plate. Reboot! Reboot!
JamesFloydKelly:  was gonna say... kinetic contraptions!
ustreamer-56328:  haha
RachelHobson:  evening, all! :) 
garethb2:  We're taling about kinetic contractions, electromechanics
 Hey Rach!
RachelHobson:  Hi Gar! 
cibomahto:  hi Rachel!
ustreamer-59395:  hello
RachelHobson:  Hi Matt! HellooooOOooOoo all! 
nonnie85:  hey, Rachel
ustreamer-47732:  Greetings everyone
garethb2:  Time to lay in a rack of Peeps before the show starts. 
ustreamer-50599:  HOOYAH
Krish42:  hello
RachelHobson:  Gar, don't mention the Peeps unless you brought enough for everyone. 
ustreamer-62643:  in
ustreamer-23920:  hi
 how do you log in
garethb2:  I DO have a bunch!
ustreamer-62643:  in
ustreamer-56328:  haha
hjohnson_1:  login button top right corner of the page.
JamesFloydKelly:  is anyone hearing music or is it quiet right now?  Just worried my headset's not working
RachelHobson:  Oh that you could zap some down to Houston. 
Dosbomber:  Silent at the moment
nonnie85:  no music, yet
JamesFloydKelly:  thankx
RachelHobson:  @James - quiet here. 
garethb2:  [nom, nom, nom, CRUNCH]
nonnie85:  7 minutes to go
nonnie85:  6 minutes to go now
ustreamer-65660:  hi
ustreamer-39806:  last i was vacation during the austin maker farie and i was in austin but i still missed argh
ustreamer-39806:  last year
JamesFloydKelly:  Gareth, when is issue 26 out for Make?
ustreamer-01865:  how do you sign in
garethb2:  So, is anybody else working on any cool projects?
RachelHobson:  There is a sign in link up at the top of the page 
nerdyjb:  OHAI
hjohnson_1:  01865: there is a register/login button top right corner of the page
RachelHobson:  John! 
ustreamer-01865:  thank you
garethb2:  Just went to the printers this week.
nonnie85:  i will be working on an FPGA-arduino weather station with clock
johngineer:  ?
nonnie85:  for a school project
JamesFloydKelly:  so... late April?
garethb2:  Comes out the end of next month. Let me check on the date.
JamesFloydKelly:  np
hjohnson_1:  Why the FPGA? Seems a bit overkill. reqs of project?
Krish42:  I'm making an alarm clock from scratch - starting from a crystal oscilator to tell time
seanragan:  Sweet.
ustreamer-80140:  hello
ustreamer-09298:  this is gunna be great
nerdyjb:  Hi Rach!
seanragan:  Belatedly:  Hello Rachel Hobson.
nonnie85:  that's part of the project...i'm using VHDL for the code for FPGA
garethb2:  Yeah, cool, Krish.
hjohnson_1:  krish: Did you see dave Jones'  (eevblog) video about the clock he built as a teenager?
RachelHobson:  Hello, Sean! 
seanragan:  Oh, and John B.  Hello John!
RachelHobson:  :) 
nicksosinski:  thank you
nerdyjb:  Hi Sean and Gar...
Krish42:  No - I'll go look it up
makezine:  Welcome to Make: Live! The show will be starting in just a few minutes. If you have any questions for Becky, Matt or our guests, type "Q:" before your question so that we can be sure to see it! 
garethb2:  Hey John B
ustreamer-09298:  is it becky and matt?
hjohnson_1:  It was part of one of the live shows. He actually used the 50hz mains as the clock source. Pretty interesting.
ustreamer-58599:  test
RachelHobson:  Curious how many folks are return viewers tonight. Fave episode so far? 
seanragan:  That's Q : with no space
 between the Q and the colon
ustreamer-80140:  ]
seanragan:  comes out Q:
ustreamer-09298:  is it becy and matt?
nicksosinski:  yes
nonnie85:  yep
garethb2:  Yes
nerdyjb:  Q: Why is Make: Live so cool?
JamesFloydKelly:  q:
ustreamer-09298:  *becky
JamesFloydKelly:  cool
hjohnson_1:  I liked the soldering one, partly because it had adafruit, partly because I won the soldering iron. :)
ustreamer-39806:  are there any other kids on here besides me
Dosbomber:  RachelHobson:  Last show was my first, this is a return visit.
Krish42:  Yeah, I'm not being that hard on myself - I'm starting at 1MHz
ustreamer-09298:  me!
hjohnson_1:  Define "kid"
garethb2:  Did you get your iron yet?
ustreamer-57146:  hi
ustreamer-44066:  hi
RachelHobson:  @hjohnson- congrats! Have you used it yet? 
ustreamer-09298:  (")
hjohnson_1:  No, digi-key has it on backorder.
ustreamer-63437:  hi
ustreamer-09298:  (")
RachelHobson:  @Dosbomber - glad to have you back! 
JamesFloydKelly:  my wife just bought me Hakko 936... lu lu luve it
ustreamer-51988:  3
ustreamer-63437:  lol
ustreamer-09298:  (")
ustreamer-39806:  still in school is kid college not counting
ustreamer-67401:  hello
garethb2:  Ah. Yeah, it takes a while to get prizes.
hjohnson_1:  Nice, james. That's a nice iron. 
ustreamer-25944:  Hi
ustreamer-67297:  hey
ustreamer-63437:  poop
nicksosinski:  im here to win the prize, and i wanna know all about kenetics
RachelHobson:  Welcome, everyone! 
JamesFloydKelly:  It's like the driving a sports car versus my old one (driving a rusty bike)
ustreamer-63437:  hi
ustreamer-51988:  650 degrre solderig iorn on tounge
MultiJohn12321:  2 min
Dosbomber:  A decent soldering station makes a ton of difference.
MultiJohn12321:  fail
ustreamer-18345:  hi
ustreamer-51988:  222222222
garethb2:  Yeah, a good iron makes a HUGE difference
hjohnson_1:  What did you have before, james?
ustreamer-90751:  hmmm. can't log in. 
ustreamer-18345:  how do you log in
ustreamer-63437:  2 min until showtime
ustreamer-51988:  2
ustreamer-67401:  hello
ustreamer-70662:  hi
ustreamer-18345:  how do you log in
ustreamer-39806:  the video posted yesterday on the sculture was awesome
JamesFloydKelly:  a non-name 15/30W piec of...
ustreamer-18345:  how do you log in
RachelHobson:  There is a log in link at the top right corner of the page 
hjohnson_1:  login button top right screen.
johngineer:  you have to click "log in" at the top of the page
ustreamer-95118:  hello
garethb2:  You mean the Nemo Gould video?
RachelHobson:  (I had to look for it, too!) ;) 
ustreamer-63437:  1 min
MultiJohn12321:  ;)
johngineer:  ustream changed it. guess it worked too well.
ustreamer-39806:  yes gareth
hjohnson_1:  Oof, james. Real temperature regulation is nice, isn't it?
ustreamer-63437:  :)
ustreamer-22131:  ello?
ustreamer-18345:  i do not see it
ustreamer-63437:  :(
JamesFloydKelly:  unbelievable!
ustreamer-22131:  grr how do i log in
garethb2:  Yeah, Nemo's work is a amazing.
ustreamer-63437:  ;(
garethb2:  MUSIC!
ustreamer-63437:  ;)
ustreamer-09525:  hello
hjohnson_1:  login button top right corner of screen.
JamesFloydKelly:  cool - they have the On Air light 
ustreamer-39806:  yey the light is working
RachelHobson:  Here we go! Hurrah! 
bigbodynobrain-1:  let there be light
nicksosinski:  THERE ON AIR!!!!!!!!!!
hjohnson_1:  Q: Automatic on-air light or just an effect?
ustreamer-39806:  james did a project on it
Krish42:  that was a cool project to watch him make
ggpipe-1:  yay now my setup is working
ustreamer-09525:  how do you log in?
codecreations:  no log in link from the fb link
ustreamer-39806:  automitic not effect
ustreamer-63437:  here it goes!!!!!
seanragan:  Music
JamesFloydKelly:  was featured recently on
cibomahto:  Hi Collin!
ustreamer-33190:  so excited!
seanragan:  Collin's not coming is he?
hjohnson_1:  Ah, okay. I must have missed that one. thanks!
nonnie85:  it's here
ustreamer-39806:  i love the music
ggpipe-1:  need an account to login, sign up if you dont have one
snowgoli:  is this one of collin's tracks? :)
ustreamer-63437:  here it goes!!!!
JamesFloydKelly:  yes
MultiJohn12321:  yayyyyyy
seanragan:  Hi!
ustreamer-46858:  Hi!
codecreations:  hi! woohoo
ustreamer-63437:  hi
nonnie85:  hi all
ustreamer-32057:  hi
ustreamer-63437:  shout out
JamesFloydKelly:  ouch... some lag tonight.  never had that before
wcwells2:  Hello!
nonnie85:  yeah
Dylan-FM:  Hi
ustreamer-63437:  hi
ustreamer-97569:  hi
Krish42:  well, that means its getting popular right?
ustreamer-30240:  test
ustreamer-23658:  Hi :)
ustreamer-97569:  hi
ustreamer-09530:  You can't be on the make site and log in
ustreamer-63437:  pllease call me
hjohnson_1:  Sure, james? No lag on my end, but I've got FiOS, so that probably helps.
makezine:  Matt's Networked On Air Light:
Jasnickci:  teesting
JamesFloydKelly:  just a little lag... not too bafd
ustreamer-09530:  You have to be on the Ustream site
ustreamer-63437:  can you laught 
ustreamer-27232:  hello!
ustreamer-48816:  whoa
ustreamer-70577:  i have a qusten how much did i miss
Krish42:  I've got a bit lag too
nicksosinski:  Q: how long did it take to make that?
Krish42:  a bit of *
ustreamer-42865:  test
Jasnickci:  awesome
JamesFloydKelly:  In Atlanta, so a bit far
nonnie85:  cool
ustreamer-63437:  nice xb
garethb2:  I have no lag tonight
ustreamer-39806:  nick i think it was like an hour
seanragan:  OK, yeah, that's cool.
llManDrakell:  hey
mark8675:  just pluged into the wall
ustreamer-75104:  test
ustreamer-73303:  jumpy jumpy :(
ustreamer-63437:  what do you attach the xb to?
codecreations:  kinda makes me wanna be a ustream broadcaster. 
nicksosinski:  Q: how long did it take to make that?
snowgoli:  here's matt's how-to for the networked on-air light:
makezine:  If you have any questions for Becky, Matt or our guests, type "Q:" before your question so that we can be sure to see it!
nonnie85:  yep
Jasnickci:  test
Jasnickci:  cool
ustreamer-63437:  w
JamesFloydKelly:  hope she'll be at MFaire in May
ustreamer-63437:  i
RachelHobson:  Yay Limor! 
codecreations:  sweet
JamesFloydKelly:  Need my issue authographed
ustreamer-27232:  how do i sign in so i don't just have the generic ustreamer name
makezine:  Limor Fried on the cover of April's WIRED:
 NASA Make: Challenge
ustreamer-63437:  wired
ustreamer-27232:  ?
seanragan:  Aye, mine too.
snowgoli:  yay limor!!!
Dosbomber:  Nice Rosie reference
hjohnson_1:  there is a login on the top right corner. Must have ustream account
garethb2:  Hey Goli!
snowgoli:  hey gar!
adafruit:  aw, thanks gang
ustreamer-45496:  Q: 
ustreamer-63437:  hi ada
ggpipe-1:  hmm is anyone else's stream pausing?
RachelHobson:  NASA! Space FTW!
snowgoli:  high five, lady ada! 
ustreamer-57082:  congrats limor!
JamesFloydKelly:  yes ,mine pausing 
seanragan:  Yes, mine paused.
lunchboxes:  hello!
ustreamer-97345:  thats it?
codecreations:  yeah -- some silence in there for a few seconds
snowgoli:  hey laura!
ustreamer-63437:  my stream is pausing
garethb2:  NASA MAKE Space, Rach!
mark8675:  oshw
lunchboxes:  : )
Jasnickci:  cool
RachelHobson:  :) 
garethb2:  Laura!!!
ustreamer-39806:  i like the one i=on middle right
lunchboxes:  it's me!
ChrisGammell:  yay
codecreations:  middle one. 
adafruit:  whatever is selected will be on all the OSHW kits :)
ustreamer-63437:  middle
RachelHobson:  Laura? Hurrah! 
ustreamer-88627:  ping?
hjohnson_1:  Hey, chris.
MultiJohn12321-1:  hi
mark8675:  Evil!!!!!!
Jasnickci:  skype
RachelHobson:  I want that picture of Limor as a poster for my daughter's room - a kick ass role model for sure. 
ustreamer-04835:  sunnyvale is evil?
ustreamer-63437:  how much is the electronics pack?
ustreamer-97345:  PONG!
ustreamer-88627:  windell :~
ustreamer-63437:  Pong
Jasnickci:  PONG!!!!
ustreamer-97345:  $99
MultiJohn12321-1:  pong
codecreations:  pong rocks. 
Krish42:  PING
mark8675:  pong!!!
JamesFloydKelly:  $129 I think
ustreamer-63437:  PONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tadsgirl:  test
JamesFloydKelly:  Pack 2 is $129
ustreamer-72581:  I believe I've seen a version of this implemented with relays....
nicksosinski:  Q: how long did it take to make that?
JamesFloydKelly:  Pack 1 is $99
mark8675:  pong is....
Jasnickci:  awesome
Jac_Goudsmit:  You could of course just go to that URL to see how much it is
 instead of asking here
codecreations:  it's in a class all its own. 
EvilGenius121:  Am i in?
JamesFloydKelly:  Hi Evil
EvilGenius121:  hey
redrover34-1:  Hi
hightekrednek2396-1:  i want one
EvilGenius121:  video stream keeps frezzing on me
nerdyjb:  Q: Hey EMSL, did you laser cut the parts?
garethb2:  Sweet!
JamesFloydKelly:  i like the sounds
mark8675:  awsome !!!!!
codecreations:  I want one. 
ustreamer-04835:  Wow, that's much harder than it looks isn't It?
connors934:  this was fun to play at Maker Faire last year
JamesFloydKelly:  are those digital audio sounds or real?
mark8675:  bouncy walls !!!!!!
garethb2:  Q: Did you use a CAD program to design the table?
ustreamer-72581:  Another pair of photogates could be added to automate scorekeeping.
JamesFloydKelly:  q: are those digitla audio sounds or real
makezine:  Upgraded Tabletop Pong
ustreamer-30735:  Hello! It's Lish!
Jasnickci:  Q: is this a kit
tadsgirl:  Are they coming to the maker faire in Detroit?
MultiJohn12321-1:  hi
cibomahto:  Hi lish!
codecreations:  how deliciously geeky. 
RachelHobson:  LISH! 
EvilGenius121:  any ideas why my stream is freezing? im on ethernet
ustreamer-25536:  lot of fun
mark8675:  timing belts are good for you
MultiJohn12321-1:  Q: what is the giveaway
ustreamer-63437:  they could add auto scoring
JamesFloydKelly:  a lot of us are having lag
ustreamer-39806:  kitty
ustreamer-11323:  greetings from amsterdam :)
hjohnson_1:  Anyone else thinking it would be cool to make a robot that could play forever?
Krish42:  Cute cat!
mark8675:  ziener
tadsgirl:  Zeener!
Jasnickci:  yeah
ustreamer-09525:  mosfet clone!
ustreamer-39806:  zener
nerdyjb:  @EvilGenius121 I was in the basement and came back upstairs and my freezing stopped.
ggpipe-1:  ob cat
codecreations:  ...if only I didn't have a job. 
Jasnickci:  hi
ustreamer-72581:  If they get a second cat, itmust be named Schottky
lishdorset:  AHHHH
 Cute cat!
garethb2:  Zeener!
seanragan:  Oh like a Zener diode.
nicksosinski:  Q: what kind of cat is that?
ustreamer-04835:  the paddle seems so small I would suck at this game
Jasnickci:  I am a dog person
hjohnson_1:  Darlington, Mosfet, and Zener? Wow...
snowgoli:  zeener!
ustreamer-23658:  nice cat
ustreamer-63437:  love your cat
bigbodynobrain-1:  kinda reminds me of mosfet
ustreamer-72581:  It's most likely zener.
mark8675:  purple dot
Dosbomber:  hjohnson_1: I sense a trend.. lol
hjohnson_1:  Yeah, I know the feeling. 
bigbodynobrain-1:  my cat is named wire
uscjeremy:  cool!
Krish42:  Q since it's working on infared, do you have issues if the lights are on or if the ball is warm or somethnig like that?
ustreamer-39806:  mom says i have to go to bed noooooooooooooooo
nicksosinski:  Q: what program codes do you have on there
EvilGenius121:  hmm firefox 4? might be lag issue
 trying saferi
nicksosinski:  dang
CollinCunningham:  Upgraded Tabletop Pong
Dosbomber:  I need to get a pair of puppies.. call them Anode and Cathode
connors934:  design files online  = good
ggpipe-1:  cool
ustreamer-91181:  hello world
ustreamer-39806:  chrome is not lagging
ustreamer-04835:  firefox is working fine for me
Jasnickci:  awesome
ustreamer-94922:  hello
ggpipe-1:  need to make one on the DMS laser
Krish42:  Q: since it's working on infared, does it not work depending on if the lights are on or other infared sources?
garethb2:  Q: Where did you get the name Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories?
ustreamer-59442:  .. no difference , still lagging
Jasnickci:  saferi is ok
tadsgirl:  We need them in Detroit!
bigbodynobrain-1:  firefox 4 aok
ustreamer-67297:  Will you bring it to this year's Maker Faire?
EvilGenius121:  ok re logged in
connors934:  chrome's working fine
tadsgirl:  We have no problem watching on Firefox
makezine:  Playing pong at Maker Faire:
ustreamer-63437:  a freindly hey-oh from the tooth fairy
ustreamer-04835:  Did people hog the game at the faire?
ggpipe-1:  DMS=Dallas Makerspace
MakerDino:  :)
ustreamer-63437:  why
snowgoli:  i 3 lenore and windell!
ustreamer-23658:  aww
Jasnickci:  awwwwww
ustreamer-63437:  aw
ustreamer-72581:  Q: Do you plan to add additional photogates to implement automatic scoring?
ustreamer-88627:  they rule.
codecreations:  Did you have to license it? lol
snowgoli:  they do
EvilGenius121:  hmm I think i am a couple minutes begind
MakerDino:  IR stuff in daylight is tricky
hightekrednek2396-1:  safari just froze again  darn that windows
bigbodynobrain-1:  remote
Krish42:  makes sense - thanks for asking for me
ustreamer-44974:  Absolutely amazing
hjohnson_1:  Q: Why an arduino as opposed to, say, a simple comparator circuit? 
connors934:  They always have new projects to show at Maker Faire
nerdyjb:  q: Can we get electromechanical Tetris?
mark8675:  Zeiner can keep score
ustreamer-63437:  that was me
ustreamer-04835:  good question, why arduino?
ustreamer-44974:  haha - tetris :)
Jac_Goudsmit:  tetris sounds like a cool idea
Jasnickci:  yeah
hjohnson_1:  For the record: I'm not at all smacking arduino, but it just seems like a bit overkill.
uscjeremy:  Clearly the next step is to make a web interface to stepper motors plus a webcam, so people can play remotely :-)
Krish42:  tetris sounds like a really hard project
nonnie85:  Q: Could you make it with a PIC microcontroller?
EvilGenius121:  lagging is slowly getting better
ustreamer-44974:  jeremy - sweet idea
EvilGenius121:  funny, wifi went without a hitch last time :O
johngineer:  I'm planning an electromechanical tetris project. Just waiting on the anti-grav units.
ustreamer-14875:  How do you make the question icon?
makezine:  Eggbot:
ustreamer-44974:  Multi player over the web!
garethb2:  The Maker Faire Blue Ribbons in the background is a nice touch
bigbodynobrain-1:  i want an eggbot
ustreamer-06968:  ooh cool
hjohnson_1:  johngineer: magnetic levitation!
MakerDino:  other than BY HAND! lol
ggpipe-1:  i made an eggbot without the kit (using a laser)
EvilGenius121:  that a ping pong ball in it?
hightekrednek2396-1:  wats up with the lag
ustreamer-09298:  how fast is the egg bot?
Jac_Goudsmit:  The hard part of tetris would probably be feeding random tetris blocks into the top
MakerDino:  pretty cool device
ustreamer-63437:  ]nice
cibomahto:  @Jac_Goudsmit: its also hard to remove lines :-)
nonnie85:  that's neat
Jac_Goudsmit:  Nah 
ustreamer-73303:  so laggy today :( might have to watch the replay
ustreamer-44974:  the harder part would be `clearing out`completed lines, i think
Krish42:  I agree- clearing lines seems hard to me
codecreations:  very cool. I'd make political egg globes. 
wackyvorlon:  Q: Are you using cartesian or polar coordinates?
redrover34-1:  Very Nice
tadsgirl:  High tech Easter Eggs
andyspam-1:  Q: can you make a 20x the size egg bot to paint yoga balls
lunchboxes:  hehe.
EvilGenius121:  that was aweosme :)
uscjeremy:  how doyou make that special Q symbol?
ustreamer-44974:  I lost the stream...
JamesFloydKelly:  q and :
clothbot:  see
EvilGenius121:  Q colon Q :
JamesFloydKelly:  together
wackyvorlon:  You type a capitol Q, then a colon
EvilGenius121:  Q: *test*
nonnie85:  need a Q and colon
MakerDino:  crash
MultiJohn12321-1:  v
ustreamer-63437:  it froze
makezine:  Eggbot store page:
uscjeremy:  thanks :-)
Krish42:  :(
nerdyjb:  @clothbot Hi Andrew!
redrover34-1:  crash
ustreamer-09525:  Q :
JamesFloydKelly:  argh lag
Jac_Goudsmit:  Imagine tetris blocks falling down one level at a time on some retractable thing that can also move horizontally
tadsgirl:  Q;
Krish42:  mine too
mark8675:  freeze
ustreamer-15593:  froze?
jlowmiller:  booo
ustreamer-63437:  crash
lunchboxes:  mine froze too.
andyspam-1:  i lost stream
Jasnickci:  is anyone eles lagging
MultiJohn12321-1:  yup
codecreations:  froze here too
garethb2:  Oops
ustreamer-63437:  :(
EvilGenius121:  mines down
JamesFloydKelly:  dropped
nonnie85:  mine froze as well
stevenpwaldon-1:  lost =(
ustreamer-96213:  lost it
tadsgirl:  Gone
Jac_Goudsmit:  ustream lost the uplink
nerdyjb:  Froze
codecreations:  dead 
dennisburke:  farts.
wackyvorlon:  Lost the stream.
MakerDino:  reloading..
JamesFloydKelly:  uh oh
MultiJohn12321-1:  :(:(
Jasnickci:  common
ustreamer-67297:  what happened?
ustreamer-63437:  froze
uscjeremy:  they accidentally drew a line through their optical link, perhaps
codecreations:  bring out your nails. 
ustreamer-58526:  Hung
ustreamer-14875:  Q: Why did you crash?
ustreamer-99618:  ??
ustreamer-48463:  nooo
ustreamer-10378:  froxe
ustreamer-09525:  frozen AHHHHHHHH
tadsgirl:  Q:
ustreamer-39806:  frose nooooooooooooooooooooooooo
ustreamer-63437:  hello?
ustreamer-39806:  noi
johngineer:  i know what will fix the lag. let's all complain about it.
MultiJohn12321-1:  wtf
ustreamer-88627: this is great :P related to the pong game
andyspam-1:  q:
ustreamer-10378:  Q: it froze
ustreamer-67297:  i want the prizes!
Jasnickci:  earth to make zine
makezine:  Barbot Event page
ustreamer-46665:  It gone bye bye
ustreamer-90249:  though ustream should handle 170 viewers with no problem
ustreamer-63437:  it froze
ustreamer-39806:  nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
ustreamer-58526:  somebody kick the server....
ustreamer-39806:  no
ggpipe-1:  my eggbot:
lunchboxes:  @johnengineer  - totally, complaining always solves problems!
andyspam-1:  Q: why you have censored:  internet conection
ustreamer-09298:  Q:
ustreamer-84954:  Going to have to draw on my balls by hand now
ustreamer-50694:  I donated to the kickstarter page for barbot
ustreamer-07640:  kieno online
hightekrednek2396-1:  ipad lost the stream
connors934:  Eggbot nutritional info:
tadsgirl:  y u no play?
EvilGenius121:  shoot
ustreamer-63437:  nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
ustreamer-63437:  crud
ustreamer-14875:  They're filming on an iPad?
johngineer:  @lunchboxes :)
ustreamer-09525:  Are we still brodcasting?
nerdyjb:  What is everyone working on?
ToxicIA:  Robogames2011 in april is coming up too
makezine:  Barbot on Kickstarter
EvilGenius121:  dramatic noooos are unlikely to reboot the stream...
slorge-1:  stream froze
Krish42:  it died for me
Jac_Goudsmit:  and there goes the stream
ustreamer-63437:  what happened
ustreamer-31036:  my computer froze :( 
hightekrednek2396-1:  no im watching it on ipad 
llManDrakell:  dead
EvilGenius121:  off air
ggpipe-1:  says offair to me now
ustreamer-09525:  and we are dead
MakerDino:  they crashed and burned
andyspam-1:  |
ustreamer-39806:  nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
ToxicIA:  I totally donated 5$
mark8675:  channel offline
Krish42:  like went back to the slideshow
stevenpwaldon-1:  Ok, back to American Idol for me
ustreamer-38269:  nooooooooooooooo
uscjeremy:  did someone cross the streams?
* ustreamer-07640 is frozen, in anticipation
nonnie85:  the stream went out for now
ustreamer-61510:  hey
andyspam-1:  |
ustreamer-31036:  off air?
andyspam-1:  |
ustreamer-14875:  I'm making some slaptubes.
wackyvorlon:  And.... poofkies
ustreamer-88627:  should we hit reload ?
ustreamer-61510:  lolwut
ustreamer-39806:  nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
ustreamer-63437:  they are off air probably fixing it
lishdorset:  Nooooo
clothbot:  give it a chance.  you know how tech problems are.
ustreamer-90249:  Idol...yuck..steven tyler looks scary
ustreamer-54323:  =[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
hjohnson_1:  Keep in mind that when adafruit is livestreaming, they have 3 redundant internet connections. This will happen sometimes.
EvilGenius121:  maybe the red wire connected to ground- not the blue...
Dosbomber:  I wonder if they lost the Skype connection as well
ustreamer-39806:  sadness
ustreamer-61510:  Yeah, boom!
ToxicIA:  I must get back to work on the combat robots! More feed now!
MakerDino:  fixing it franticly!
ustreamer-54849:  where's the open hardware link?
Krish42:  Good luck fiking it
ustreamer-31036:  i guess my computer didnt freez
Krish42:  fixing*
stevenpwaldon-1:  That's Steven Tyler? I thought that was a woman.
MultiJohn12321-1:  noooooooooooooooooooooo
ustreamer-63437:  good luck!
Jasnickci:  Cue Jeopardy Theme
andyspam-1:  hmmm what happ
ustreamer-08136:  yeah
EvilGenius121:  lol
ustreamer-54323:  =[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ i am sad =[
ustreamer-39806:  bed time no
MultiJohn12321-1:  its off air
ustreamer-63437:  =(
Jac_Goudsmit:  I noticed on a flickr photo they have so many lights there maybe they just blew a fuse
ustreamer-77475:  aloha?
ustreamer-39806:  noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
ustreamer-91925:  z
EvilGenius121:  gonna download the recording...
ardustorm:  i bet his light went out :)
lunchboxes:  i'm making a quesadilla at moment
EvilGenius121:  haha :)
ustreamer-46665:  Where's everyone from?  I'm in central PA
ustreamer-77475:  hey guys.....guys: : : : : : ???
ToxicIA:  Southern Ca
Jasnickci:  Il
nonnie85:  i'm from NW Florida
ustreamer-35807:  looks around for the mute button
ustreamer-88627:  rio de janeiro, brazil
wcwells2:  NH
chunkbot:  Northern Ca
andyspam-1:  im in north east pa
uscjeremy:  I'm from Seattle
MakerDino:  NC
connors934:  south of boston
hightekrednek2396-1:  its coming back
ustreamer-94750:  NW Ohio
codecreations-1:  yay
ustreamer-14875:  wash. dc
ustreamer-63437:  how old is every body
ustreamer-88627:  mostly americans huh
makezine:  Standby, rebooting server
wackyvorlon:  Southern ontario, canada
Jasnickci:  YEAH
wackyvorlon:  29
Jac_Goudsmit:  This is probably a good time to go to and check out that deal
codecreations-1:  a funnel! 
mark8675:  yea
chunkbot:  wooo
ustreamer-11692:  Richmond, VA
ustreamer-14875:  and we're back
makezine:  Annd we're back!
Jasnickci:  Back ONLINE
ustreamer-16277:  awesome
JamesFloydKelly-1:  there we go!
tadsgirl:  Back!
MakerDino:  ok that was awesome
EvilGenius121:  lol did we melt the server?
ustreamer-88627:  yeaaa!
EvilGenius121:  its up!
Jasnickci:  BOOM
Dosbomber:  Welcome to live shows...
ggpipe-1:  yay
ToxicIA:  Anyone going to be at Robogames2011?
MakerDino:  no becky
ustreamer-14875:  blame the rain
snowgoli:  yay!!
nerdyjb:  WOO!
codecreations-1:  bar bot? 
ustreamer-63437:  yay
Jac_Goudsmit:  still off air here
jlowmiller:  yay
hightekrednek2396-1:  ipads up
MultiJohn12321-1:  RAIN!!!!!!!!
adafruit:  even netflix goes down :)
nonnie85:  still waiting
MultiJohn12321-1:  yup
Jac_Goudsmit:  now we're talking
seanragan:  Isn't that a Milli Vanilli song?
lishdorset:  Yahoo!
ustreamer-70159:  sleet actually
ustreamer-14875:  i only watch streams on a macbook pro 
garethb2:  Good point!
bigbodynobrain-1:  yea so it raining here my internet is fine
InfiniTTTy:  oh!
InfiniTTTy:  Woot
jlowmiller:  angry birds?
codecreations-1:  lol drinking birds
Jac_Goudsmit:  bar bot
nonnie85:  it's coming back
garethb2:  Dippy Birds!
ustreamer-16277:  drinky birds
ustreamer-14875:  hahah I thought of angry birds too
ustreamer-61510:  back on
MakerDino:  angry makers
redrover34-1:  I'm back
InfiniTTTy:  It`s back
stevenpwaldon-1:  Refresh. It's back on.
tadsgirl:  I need one of these
EvilGenius121:  lol bar bot = juice mixer
wackyvorlon:  Solenoid valves and a PLC:)
Krish42:  here we go!
lishdorset:  I want the cat to make something
Jasnickci:  Horrible weather over here
ardustorm-1:  what is this? I missed out because of the "droped call"
wcwells2:  back!
nerdyjb:  I like the funnel for mixing the drinks.
Jasnickci:  Good By
Krish42:  oh wow - that seems amazing, wish we could have seen all of it
ustreamer-77475:  what solenoids do u use?
ustreamer-54323:  =]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] i am happy=]
EvilGenius121:  @ardustorm, the link went out
Krish42:  going to have to watch the replay
Jasnickci:  AWESOME
uscjeremy:  argh, of course our IT department picked this moment to push updates out to my desktop machine
EvilGenius121:  yay
makezine:  We'll take your questions about the Wind Lantern after the segment, queue 'em up!
EvilGenius121:  crossing my fingers for the giveawaay, which i will lose
mark8675:  NYU rocks!!!!!!!!!!
ustreamer-31036:  what about making things talk
Jasnickci:  Is this recorded
Grathio:  Went to Barbot SF last year and it was tons of fun.
EvilGenius121:  woh- skippy
adamwwolf:  test?
EvilGenius121:  het
JamesFloydKelly-1:  That's really nice looking
EvilGenius121:  *hey
ustreamer-58142:  looks sharp
ToxicIA:  More vertical mills imo, roof mounted windmills on all commercial buildings imo
snowgoli:  cool project!
makezine:  Wind Lantern instructions on Make: Projects:
hjohnson_1:  Q: Stepper motor? Or just a DC? It looked like a lot of wires...
nerdyjb:  Q: How do you determine the right size gears for a project?
JamesFloydKelly-1:  looks stepper to me
ustreamer-63437:  how much wind do you need to power it?
nonnie85:  Q: is it like a wind generator or using renewable energy
garethb2:  The book has a lot of coll projects in it
MakerDino:  Is that a stepper motor? Looks like it. They make great generators. AC output. 
ustreamer-31036:  is that a mini wind tubine
ustreamer-16166:  an enerchip would probably work awesome in that. 
ggpipe-1:  looks like a stepper
nonnie85:  looks cool
wackyvorlon:  Stock Drive Products is great for these parts.
hjohnson_1:  Looks like a stepper to me too. Why the choice?
ToxicIA:  talking with motors
connors934: has great info on diy windmills. Here's a thread that uses a similar motor as a generator:,139573.html 
wackyvorlon:  ...and halve the RPM
Jac_Goudsmit:  needs a cvt to compensate for varying wind speeds
wackyvorlon:  twice torque, half RPM
ggpipe-1:  probably used a stepper because they will work at slow speeds
ToxicIA:  I was hoping this would head more indepth and less super basic
codecreations-1:  turkey?
ggpipe-1:  as a generator
ustreamer-16277:  welcome to gear talk with torquey torqueson
JamesFloydKelly-1:  torque-y
uscjeremy:  torque-y
JamesFloydKelly-1:  I like that
ustreamer-88627:  lol
MakerDino:  It IS a stepper
codecreations-1:  that makes a lot more sense. 
nonnie85:  yeah
jlowmiller:  thought an LED was  diode
wackyvorlon:  That's... an inelegant solution.
hjohnson_1:  Q: Why not just use a standard DC and bridge rectifier?
MakerDino:  it's called a bridge rectifier
wackyvorlon:  LEDs are diodes, but not all diodes are LEDs.
EvilGenius121:  :)
 well put
jlowmiller:  full wave bridge rectifier
johngineer:  i think she built on the breadboard so that she could demonstrate the topology, hjohnson
nonnie85:  that's possible
MakerDino:  AC voltage... 
JamesFloydKelly-1:  taken in relation to what she teaches in the book, it's a nice solution and isn't supposed to be perfect
ustreamer-84120:  add a capacitor
wackyvorlon:  Pair of filter caps.
johngineer:  her book is about _teaching_, after all.
ustreamer-14875:  Q: what if it's like super windy and it goes crazy?  Does it go caput?
ustreamer-31036:  why didnt she just use a bridge rectifier
uscjeremy:  what's her book?
MakerDino:  I made a bike light generator from a stepper
JamesFloydKelly-1:  Making Things Move
wackyvorlon:  She did use a bridge rectifier.
 That's what we're seeing.
nonnie85:  How things Move is her book
MultiJohn12321-1:  hi
wackyvorlon:  It's just built out of individual diodes.
Jac_Goudsmit:  4 diodes = bridge rectifier
makezine:  You can read chapter 1 from Making Things Move here:
chunkbot:  Hi john!
Dosbomber:  Unless you live in Chicago.. you'll need massive caps or battery backups
ggpipe-1:  bridge made from idividual diodes
EvilGenius121:  like the hand crank flashlight i have that doesnt keep a cahrge
JamesFloydKelly-1:  If you read the project in her book, she uses this to teach some specific lessons
hjohnson_1:  Right, I got that, johngineer. I'm not questioning the breadboard, that's great to me, I'm wondering about the stepper. Just to have 2 coils?
johngineer:  hi
nerdyjb:  @nonnie85 Making Things Move
ustreamer-16166:  enerchips by cymbet are perfect for storing power in this
ustreamer-19552:  or okc
EvilGenius121:  hey
ustreamer-14875:  adding to ma goodreads
MultiJohn12321-1:  sup
ToxicIA:  Is Make coming to Robogames in april?
makezine:  And chapter six here:
hightekrednek2396-1:  2@q
Jasnickci:  cool
johngineer:  if i had to guess, it's because stepper motors are easy to mount face-wise.
codecreations-1:  added book to wishlist -- looks like it would be lots of fun for my kids. 
hjohnson_1:  I'm sure she specced it for a reason, just curious. That could be, johngineer.
makezine:  Want to show us your project? Upload a video to YouTube and send it to
clothbot:  (type "q :" without the space for q: )
ustreamer-69013:  nice
Jasnickci:  by
ustreamer-00340:  cool
EvilGenius121:  oh sunny in NY
Jasnickci:  yes
wcwells2:  yes!
nonnie85:  yep
ardustorm-1:  a little
seanragan:  See 'em 
ustreamer-31036:  yes
ggpipe-1:  yup we can see them
Jasnickci:  all systems go
Krish42:  yes, we can see thm
wackyvorlon:  Inded.
Krish42:  them*
ustreamer-63437:  see em
EvilGenius121:  lol Matt is having fun :)
garethb2:  You can see our entire Mechainics series at
snowgoli:  great design!
uscjeremy:  heh, forget sample chapters, i'm just going to buy the book  :-)
codecreations-1:  turn it sideways and you ahve a water mill
 great for rain. ;) 
Jasnickci:  smart
wackyvorlon:  I'm kind of cringing, as a hobby machinist.
seanragan:  Vertical axis wind turbines.  Love 'em.
Dosbomber:  Or if you lived near a stream you could lay it down sideways and let the water turn the turbines.
ustreamer-14875:  q: what if there's a hurricane?
garethb2:  Q: How is the gear attached to the shaft coupling?
JamesFloydKelly-1:  she shows how to design gears in the book too with simple graphics programs... very cool
Jasnickci:  but water and leds dont mix well
ustreamer-31036:  why not use a rectifier
connors934:  There is a good description of how to make gears with inkscape in her book
nonnie85:  don't know
Jac_Goudsmit:  I guess you could turn it sideways for wind too...
InfiniTTTy:  water - nice idea
wackyvorlon:  For water, check out the pelten wheel.
llManDrakell:  nice
seanragan:  Not as efficient, but wind can come from any direction.
hjohnson_1:  14875: In a hurricane, we have other things on our mind. 
makezine:  Wind Lantern instructions on Make: Projects:
nonnie85:  yeah
ustreamer-35807:  ...
wackyvorlon:  Pelten wheels with high enough pressure and low volume are extremely efficient.
Jasnickci:  YEAH
ToxicIA:  email sent
ustreamer-31036:  yes!!!!!!!!!!
ardustorm-1:  Q: do you need a laser cutter
ustreamer-62951:  yeah
hightekrednek2396-1:  yes
EvilGenius121:  ebay?
johngineer:  oooh
EvilGenius121:  :)
andyspam-1:  ohhhh
Jasnickci:  shiny
EvilGenius121:  dont freze
ustreamer-14875:  OMG I SO NEED A MULTIMETER!
adafruit:  good prizes!
connors934:  nice schwag
hjohnson_1:  Q: manual or autoranging?
Krish42:  Nice!
ustreamer-16277:  boi-oi-oi-oi-ing!
EvilGenius121:  :O :O
ardustorm-1:  OOOOOHHHHHHH :)
jlowmiller:  its manual
snowgoli:  niiiiice!
ToxicIA:  100w
ustreamer-65808:  hello?
ustreamer-37028:  42!
codecreations-1:  lol 
InfiniTTTy:  72!
ustreamer-54849:  42
hjohnson_1:  Looked manual, just making sure.
ToxicIA:  stepper
hightekrednek2396-1:  yeas
andyspam-1:  stepper
JamesFloydKelly-1:  4
codecreations-1:  1.8 deg
EvilGenius121:  steeppper motor
ardustorm-1:  1.2
andyspam-1:  25
wackyvorlon:  360/48
ustreamer-54849:  45
ustreamer-77475:  70
ustreamer-88627:  360
ustreamer-65808:  360/45
Snibble:  360/48
andyspam-1:  1:2
ustreamer-80249:  45 degrees
ustreamer-69322:  69
johngineer:  7.5
jlowmiller:  8 degrees
ustreamer-63437:  1.2
Jasnickci:  1.5
hightekrednek2396-1:  45
ustreamer-31036:  3603
ustreamer-77475:  180
ustreamer-54849:  90
ustreamer-50128:  45 degrees
EvilGenius121:  4.5
andyspam-1:  360 contin
ardustorm-1:  1.8
ustreamer-23440:  7.5 deg
JamesFloydKelly-1:  360/48
nerdyjb:  8 billion!
ustreamer-77475:  45
llManDrakell:  30
ustreamer-14875:  40 degrees
EvilGenius121:  4
wcwells2:  8.57
ustreamer-09150:  4(i am austin marangoni)
nonnie85:  180
ustreamer-77475:  23
ustreamer-80249:  45degrees
ustreamer-77475:  57
wackyvorlon:  7;5
Krish42:  7.5 degrees
ustreamer-16277:  over 9000 degrees
ustreamer-88627:  180
MakerDino:  7.5 degres
ustreamer-35807:  7.5
wackyvorlon:  7.5
Snibble:  7.5
ustreamer-50128:  45
cfaulkingham:  7.5
mark8675:  Q: 7.5
Mark-W:  8 deg
ustreamer-46665:  7.5
EvilGenius121:  7.5
ustreamer-50128:  45
wcwells2:  8.57 degrees
ustreamer-31036:  7.5
ustreamer-80249:  600 degrees
ustreamer-50128:  90
EvilGenius121:  dang it calculator not fast enough :)
johngineer:  oh i'm sorry!
hightekrednek2396-1:  7.5
ardustorm-1:  no warranty like adafruit :)
ustreamer-65808:  360/45!!!
wackyvorlon:  I take it 7;5 doesn't count, alas.
ustreamer-14875:  can I have a multimeter anyway?
hightekrednek2396-1:  7.5
johngineer:  omg i'm so so sorry!
Jasnickci:  bravo
MakerDino:  wow everyone can do basic math! YAY!
ustreamer-78366:  huh
EvilGenius121:  who won?
ustreamer-63437:  7.5
Jasnickci:  ohhhhh
seanragan:  Let's get him!
makezine:  Tell us what prizes you want! Suggest Digi-Key prizes to
nonnie85:  yeah
Jasnickci:  i feel dumb
ustreamer-14875:  that makes sense
nonnie85:  i forget it
Krish42:  Great show guys!
uscjeremy:  i won the previous one so didn't try this one :-)
InfiniTTTy:  Great show!
ustreamer-88627:  totally lol
ustreamer-14875:  please give me a multimeter
EvilGenius121:  isnt johnengineer first?
ustreamer-35807:  .
ustreamer-30884:  crap late
ustreamer-14875:  otherwise I have to order one from china
Jasnickci:  IM GOING
lishdorset:  Detroit!
makezine:  Maker Faire Detroit Call for Makers:
bigbodynobrain-1:  wow mine are so much more accurate 0.1 degrees step
snowgoli:  yay detroit!
chunkbot:  Good show! I'm glad I remembered to watch
ustreamer-88627:  when will we have maker faire BRAZIL ? ;P
nonnie85:  a good giveaway would be any kit or an Arduino Uno
ustreamer-88627:  maker faire brazil !
codecreations-1:  tricky
codecreations-1:  great show! 
mark8675:  April 13
Jasnickci:  Bravo
adafruit:  great show gang!
nonnie85:  i would love to learn to make a bike
Jasnickci:  BRAVO
Jac_Goudsmit:  can't wait for the rerun to be online so i can see the middle part
snowgoli:  do you live in brazil 88627? 
ustreamer-77228:  good show!
ustreamer-88627:  yea
EvilGenius121:  haha
Jasnickci:  AmAZING
ustreamer-63812:  she's cute
ustreamer-99618:  super show, thanks
EvilGenius121:  cant wait
snowgoli:  make it happen! :)
ustreamer-00340:  thank you
ustreamer-80249:  hi
ustreamer-88627:  will do !
Jasnickci:  oh no
ustreamer-99618:  sweet
makezine:  Thank you for joining us for Make: Live! Check out past episodes at
EvilGenius121:  :O :O :O
ustreamer-80249:  did i miss anything
makezine:  If you have any feedback or show ideas please send them to Our next episode will be on April 13th and we'll be talking about bikes.
ustreamer-16277:  haha nice
mark8675:  Colin
Jac_Goudsmit:  collin!
ustreamer-46665:  nice
Krish42:  NO WAY!
ustreamer-31036:  lol
nerdyjb:  BYE BYE
snowgoli:  collin is the bomb!!!
Jasnickci:  wow
ToxicIA:  have fun
ustreamer-31036:  Bye
ustreamer-20144:  hail satan
ustreamer-63812:  collin is lame
ardustorm-1:  nice
ustreamer-99618:  collin, the ultimate geek
codecreations-1:  cool 
ustreamer-80249:  dids it end i gust started
RachelHobson:  COLLIN. 3
mark8675:  Ciao!
EvilGenius121:  haha :)
Jasnickci:  Good Bye
JamesFloydKelly-1:  nice episode Becky and Matt
codecreations-1:  bye all. see ya next time 
ustreamer-28049:  great show
ustreamer-63812:  3 Becky
Krish42:  great show everyone
ustreamer-51751:  nice
johngineer:  great show guys!
ustreamer-63812:  censored:  collin
InfiniTTTy:  bye
snowgoli:  great show, becky and matt!
ardustorm-1:  'THE END !
Grathio:  Thanks for the show guys! Fun and interesting as always!
ustreamer-16277:  man i missed pete edwards
ustreamer-16166:  nice job guys keep it up
ustreamer-34773:  lolwut?
Jac_Goudsmit:  nice show!
ustreamer-14875:  q: where is my multimeter?
nonnie85:  ok
Jasnickci:  CLAP
wackyvorlon:  Well done.
ustreamer-63812:  d
ggpipe-1:  too short
* Snibble applauds
ggpipe-1:  should be 1 hr show
nonnie85:  yeah
wackyvorlon:  And 360/48 should count for the answer:)
Jac_Goudsmit:  They really should make this into a 1 hour show it's always over so fast
ToxicIA:  hah
ustreamer-14875:  should be a 2 hour marathon
ustreamer-23440:  That was a good show
ustreamer-16166:  it is a bit short. That or i came in late. ;)
seanragan:  Isn't a Vorlon one of those space vampires from buck Rogers?
ToxicIA:  Voltron
wackyvorlon:  Nope, babylon 5
ToxicIA:  wat wat wat?
ustreamer-88627:  cya guys
garethb2:  From B5
seanragan:  Oh yeah.
nonnie85:  a 45 minute show should be enough with a couple of giveaways
ustreamer-14875:  this was the highlight of my week
nonnie85:  i think
JamesFloydKelly-1:  Adios, Gareth... everyone... 
uscjeremy:  @wackyvorlon - i agree but that violates the only rule of the contest which was not to argue with winner selection :-)
nonnie85:  it's fun to watch a live streaming show
garethb2:  Nite, Jim
Dosbomber:  seanragan: Vorlons were from Babylon 5
ToxicIA:  I missed the start of the show I guess, just saw it on the twitter feed at last second
wackyvorlon:  Ha ha
ustreamer-16166:  I suppose leaving us wanting more is a good thing.
ustreamer-14875:  Yeah, get some advertizing. and make it 1 hour.
garethb2:  Toxic, it'll be up on MAKE soon
seanragan:  Buck Rogers was a "Vorvon"
nonnie85:  yeah
ustreamer-14875:  As long as it's gear porn, no one will complain.
ToxicIA:  30min is good length
nonnie85:  yeah
wackyvorlon:  Seems to work well as a format.
ToxicIA:  if not even too long
 But I would rather watch on or something with better quality
Jac_Goudsmit:  I would still watch it if it were a 1 hour show, just sayin'
nonnie85:  actually, it's fine as it is
ToxicIA:  true, but 30min is like the staple of internet shows
ustreamer-16166:  whats awesome is that we have ask an engineer sat , and this weds id say we are well taken care of.
nonnie85:  yeah
wackyvorlon:  Need more machining:)
ToxicIA:  Alright take care all, I will hopefully be back next time
nonnie85:  next show is all about bikes
seanragan:  G"night.
MattRichardson:  Thanks for coming!
nonnie85:  good night
wackyvorlon:  Good night.
ustreamer-16166:  Night guys and girls thanks for the hard work 
ustreamer-38077:  good night
connors934:  Another great show, excellent work Becky, Matt, Windell, Lenore and Dustyn!
seanragan:  Hear, hear.
ustreamer-88627:  i should register
connors934:  school night, see ya in 3 wks!
xDGx-:  test
wackyvorlon:  test?
xDGx-:  registered
 off i go bye
ustreamer-06763:  test
ustreamer-90395:  Tasting 1.2..3...4....
ustreamer-02470:  :(
 off already?
 did I miss it?
ustreamer-76713:  yes
ustreamer-02470:  :(((
 stupid work..
ustreamer-76713:  they may post it to youtube
MattRichardson:  We'll post segments to YouTube and we'll have the full episode on our iTunes podcast channel